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Reid Zakos Gives Us His 2020 Rundown


he Alberta-based Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Reid Zakos returns to give us the rundown of the many projects he's released this year. The triple-threat has been incredibly busy in 2020, molding his most recent works around the groovy sounds of Acoustic-Pop, Retro-Pop, Nudisco, Dance, and R&B.

Taking 2020 under his wing, Reid Zakos garnered over 100K views on YouTube, as well as releasing his first studio album, "Legends & Myths," which touched on themes of empowerment, heartbreak, insecurities, manifestation, and other profoundly intriguing concepts.

After getting heavily rotated on multiple radio stations with the album's intro track "Gladiator," Reid Zakos wanted to fuel this song with themes of overcoming adversity and bullying while pushing the track to be an LGBTQ+ pride anthem. Zakos also released another upbeat dance track titled "Purity," which discusses the innocence of embarking upon new relationships.

A single we must mention is Reid Zakos' well-received anthem "A World of Yes," which brings forward themes of positivity, manifestation, self-validation, and living to the max. This single was also the first of Zakos' to hit over 1K streams, with all proceeds from streaming donated to the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. Also touching on his single "Deck of Cards," Reid Zakos pushed another poised and self-assured message that reminds us to confidently play the cards we're dealt with.

Quickly becoming kindred spirits with Dante Hart after collaborating on their single "Smoke," Reid Zakos found himself wanting to release a passionate love song regarding a longing sensation. Continuing the collaborations with his single "Villain," the track was a co-write with Tess Anderson and ONEWAR, with conceptual lyricism concerning our perception of villains and how we all fit this position from time to time.

Through many concepts, lyrical messages, and themes, Reid Zakos' talent mustn't go unnoticed, as he reminds his audience to live life unapologetically. Be sure to keep an eye on Reid Zakos as we turn over to the new year.

Hello Reid and welcome back to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the many pieces you've released this year. Which of your 2020 releases would you say is your favorite?

Thank you! It's really hard to pick a favorite because I put a lot into each one, but I love "Smoke" with Dante Hart, which I released at the start of the year (and then again with my full album drop) because it got a great reaction from people, and our voices harmonize really well together. It also felt like the most effortless song to write which is always a cool experience!

What did you take away from a year like this, and what impacts did 2020 have on you and your career?

2020 was NOT what I thought it would be at all! Well...what ANY of us thought it would be really. I always planned to release music this year, so I'm happy I still saw it through, but it made filming visuals and promotion much more challenging and of course not being able to play live. Overall this year taught me to appreciate the creative process even more and that music is healing and can STILL unify people and bring joy even in challenging unprecedented times.

Speaking on your debut album "Legends & Myths," how long was the project in the making?

I started writing "Neon" (featured on the deluxe version of the album) as early as 2016 after a breakup, and then most of the other songs were written during summer 2018 when I lived in Vancouver.

With the seven different tracks on your album "Legends & Myths," what did you want your audience to experience after listening to the album's entirety?

For the most part, I want people to feel empowered and free to be themselves (that's what I always strive for). In some of the more dramatic and reflective songs I hope I can relate to people with my life experiences and help them heal too.

Seeing as you've recently released singles like "A World of Yes," "Deck of Cards," and "Y.D.U.M.," are you venturing into a different sound and style with your more recent works?

I'd say so! I feel like all the songs on "Legends & Myths" had retro-pop elements and they felt cohesive in that way. All the newer singles feel a little bit more current and dance-oriented productions rather than pop.

We've noticed that you donated all the proceeds of your single "A World of Yes" to the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. Could you tell us more about your philanthropic endeavors?

Yes, it was weird timing with that release because I felt awkward promoting a new single (intended to celebrate World Pride Month) right in the midst of all the racial injustice that was being brought to light on social media. It wasn't meant to be performative in any way, I just wanted to do what I could at that moment because the Black Lives Matter movement is important to me as some of my closest friends, including my partner, are people of color, and I wanted to be supportive with my platform. Being pride month, I wanted to do something to support Queer and Trans people of color and the BTAC is a great organization that helps black trans folks with access to healthcare, housing, employment resources, and more. Beyond that, in the future, I'd love to be more philanthropic with other LGBTQ2+ organizations and spread kindness and help out wherever I can!

Are you currently planning any releases in 2021? How do you plan on starting the new year?

I am! I've been working on a full project with RedPanda Productions who co-wrote and produced my single "Deck of Cards", and also some other singles I plan to release when the time is right. My next release will be February 2021 right before Valentine's Season so stay tuned!


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