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Release Radar: LowKeyytm Ft. KVNE - "Ride"

Rising Canadian artist Tristan Molina who goes by the stage name LowkeyyTM comes through in style! Delivering a trendy sound and never failing to impress us with his wavy aura and spotless clean bars. LowkeyyTM collaborates with artist KVNE to project their hit song titled Ride. “Ride” is the perfect vibe single where you can ironically, ride around and vibe to it. Both artists gave us an addicting and appealing hook that you can repeat and rap along with constantly.

I liked the melody of the hook hugely because it helped emphasized the fun and outgoing wordplay they gave us through their lyrics. They reminded me a lot of the current charting rappers who allows their charisma and personality to shine through their raps and music. They have no problem with sticking to the trend while making sure they don’t shy far away from their individuality in which makes them unique and the artist they are today. You can tell they spend meticulous time in curating a progressive styled hit we can become enjoyable with. Each has their own distinctive rap voice, highly noticeable while listening to the music. Bravo guys!

Ride” is no doubt hit due to how digestible it is for this current generation of hip-hop lovers!

Listen to "Ride" here.

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