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Release Radar: Tatum Rush "Slowdown"

Tatum Rush is an American/Swiss-Italian songwriter, producer, performer and singer. You might catch him at an underground club in New York City, but you might also catch him at a decadent rooftop party at an 18th century estate in Rome. You could call his music pop, contemporary R&B, or Nu-Disco. Tatum rush was born in San Diego, California. He has a bachelor’s degree in performance art from Geneva. Since then, he has been songwriting, recording, making videos, dancing and producing in Lausanne, Paris, Berlin and Milan, sometimes under various pseudonyms.

Tatum Rush recently released a new single called “Slowdown”. This is a fantastically produced track, with vibes of music both old and new. The guitar that opens the song recalls music from decades ago, and the introduction quickly morphs into something much more modern and polished. The mixture of both male and female vocals working in tandem with each other is a welcome variety. The beat, vocals and arrangements all work together to create an incredibly sexy vibe. From just this single, one can tell that this artist has a wide array of influences. Tatum Rush has an innate ability to fuse multiple genres together seamlessly, creating a worldly sound that any artist would be envious of. The lyrics of this song remind one of the beach and the ocean, so take a listen to “Slowdown”, close your eyes, and go to your happy place for just a few minutes!

Listen to "Slowdown" here.


Would you describe your background and how you got involved with music and songwriting? 

When I was 3 years old I spent a night in the border prison of Tijuana, Mexico, as my parents where trying to get back into California after a best-enchilada-day-mission escapade without their passports. I don’t have any memories of that night, but something somehow instilled in me the lingering feeling I had some stories to tell, and maybe one with a beautiful mysterious opium-smoking-tarot-reading Tijuana woman tattooing a chimera on my back while in the background the sun is crashing in the sea. I still have to write that song actually, so stay tuned for that. I started off playing jazz guitar in a broker joint in Lugano, ugly shirts, bad perfumes, nice corporate ladies once in a while … the rest is history.

Would you mind briefly describing your creative process? How do you end up with a finished product?

I start off by taking a short vacation in a destination I pick by chance, the cheapest I find on the Qatar Airways website for example, take off, do what I have to do, come back home and wait to see what happens. Or maybe I don’t go anywhere, I stay in my safe house, open a bottle of St-Saphorin and let the spirits literally drool in my ears. Regarding the finished product. I go to my therapist with the demo, he tells me off the bat if it’s worth any further effort or if it’s pretentious bullshit. If it’s good I call in my team of unpaid interns which I also call the “Tatum Machine” and they help me put the thing together like some kind of Frankenstein’s creature. We really get our hands dirty.

You just released a new single called “Slowdown”. Is there a meaning and message behind this song?

There is no political, anti-progress, anti-capitalistic, anti-racial message nor a critique of neocolonialism if that’s what you were hinting at. It’s just good fun with latin and soul vibes and I never want this to stop so slow down.


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