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Released Today: Anthony Isaiah Drops New Single, “Long Way” From His Debut EP.

Anthony Isaiah is an R&B artist and singer based out of Los Angeles, California. Isaiah provides a mix of R&B sounds of the 90s with new wave rhythms, creating a captivating and unique sound that also proves that love songs are still effective. Some of Isaiah’s earliest musical influences include artists such as Blackstreet, Dru Hill and Usher. While growing up, Anthony Isaiah was always enthralled by the smooth riffs and stories of love and heartbreak that classic R&B music would provide. He grew up in church choir as a kid and this was the catalyst for his interest in singing. Isaiah gives credit to an intense amount of self-determination that has helped him reach this point in his musical career. Isaiah might call his music “Millennial R&B”, but truly hopes his music will stand the test of time. Anthony Isaiah aims to be the soundtrack of your lives, everything from his love songs that will pull your heart-strings, to “top-down” summer anthems.

Today, Anthony Isaiah is dropping his brand new single, “Long Way”, the first single from his debut EP called “Up In Flames”, featuring New Jersey native Malcolm Anthony (@Manthonymusic). The song begins with a few synths that will lull you into a sense of relaxation. The beat and vocals enter simultaneously, and the dulcet tones of Anthony Isaiah are immediately noticeable. Within seconds, it becomes quite clear to the listener that Isaiah is quite an expert on R&B. His vocals are effortless, and his verses have a rhythmic quality that provide an instant catchy vibe. “Long Way” is a great mix of old and new. There are certainly elements of the 90s, undoubtedly due to Isaiah’s musical upbringing and influences. The choruses take a step back and have much more expansive and spacious vocals that fill every space in the mix. Anthony Isaiah is an impressive young artist that showcases a maturity in “Long Way” that usually doesn’t come around until much later in the lifespan of any musical act. We highly recommend you check out “Long Way”, and stay tuned for the rest of Anthony Isaiah’s debut EP!

Listen to "Long Way" here and get to know more about Anthony Isaiah below!

Hey Anthony! Thanks for catching up with us for a bit. First of all, tell us what you’re up to in LA. How do you find the music scene is treating you?

 Thank you for having me. I've been doing some writing and I've worked with a few artists and open to working with more. Finally sharing my own project with the world and I'm lining up shows for the summer and end of the year. I'd say the scene has welcomed me with open arms. 

You’re stuck on a desert island with a great stereo system. You can only listen to three artists for the rest of your life. Who are they and why?

Wow that's a tough one. 1st I would have to say Usher, Confessions is one of my favorite albums of all time. I know every word to every song. 2nd I would choose the one and only 2PAC! He's my favorite rapper and his message is unmatched, with the exception of Nipsey Hussle I haven't seen an artist with a message like Pac's. Last but certainly not least I would choose The King himself, Michael Joseph Jackson. He needs no explanation. Can't make music without the M. 

Can you talk a little bit about your process? How do you go about creating your art?

My creative process varies, sometimes I'll hear a beat and it just speaks to me and I'll write from there. Sometimes I draw inspiration from my life events or life events of the people around me and I'll go to the studio with those thoughts in mind, and have the beat made to fit what I've already written. My main focus when creating is to have fun.

“Long Way” is your new single, and it definitely reminds you of R&B of the 90s. Is this something you’ve worked on, or does it just come naturally to you as a result of your upbringing and influences?

 I would say it comes naturally. There's those people that still listen to 90's R&B as if the records were released in 2019, I'm those people. My mom was a singer and she loves real singers like Whitney, Faith Evans, SWV, Blackstreet so those were the albums I was listening to as a kid and when I hear those vibes it feels like home. I want my music to feel like home.

What can we hope to see from you in the future, Anthony?

I have the second single from my EP 'Up In Flames' set to release this August along with the video. Third single as well as EP release November 2019. 


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