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Release Radar: "Alli5on" Launches Her New Single "Fugazi"

What better start your week with Alli5on's new hit single. "Fugazi" released on March 15, 2019, will provide you with a way to unwind, chill and help you gear up for the busy week ahead. When life gets busy, we love to zone out the world by putting on our headphones or cranking up your speakers and listening to your favorite music - "Fugazi" is definitely a song you're going to want to add to your favorite playlists! Set to ambient purrs and a pulsating beat, ‘Fugazi’ will send cascading vibes of release through your ears and down your spine. Alli5on’s soft, spellbinding voice hooks you on to this chilled R&B number. The song will have you pleasantly day dreaming, lifting you above your daily grind.

Alli5on, born Allison Lynne Farler is a singer/songwriter born in Lim, OH. For fellow astrology lovers out there, Alli5on has used the pseudoscience in both her name and latest EP: “The Fifth House.” Alli5on was born a Leo and Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, hence the importance of the numeral five. Her star sign has seemingly bled into her music; her soulful, creative, passionate and warm hearted aurora shines through in her compositions. "Fugazi" is available today for your streaming pleasure!

Listen to "Fugazi" here and check out our new interview with Alli5on below!

Hi Alli5on, it was a treat to listen to your latest single ‘Fugazi’, I admit I did need to look up what Fugazi meant. Can you tell your listeners what it means and how your chose to use it in your song?

Fugazi means ‘fake’. I chose to use it in the song because I really wanted to say “you’re faker than fake” but in a different way, and “fugazi” fit that role.

You’re clearly very spiritual, from your name to your latest EP “The fifth house”, how does that influence your writing and song creation?

Yes, that always influences my songwriting. I want to write about things that mean something to me, but also that people can relate to. I know I am not alone in many experiences when I am talking about love or lust. The Fifth House is the house of creativity, romance and pleasure, so I really wanted to depict that in each song in some way.

What atmosphere do you create for yourself when composing?

A very peaceful and calm atmosphere. I love candles, incense and privacy. I don’t like there to be many people if any around while recording.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences are? What pieces of them do you feel lends to your music creation?

My biggest musical influences are Mariah Carey, Sza, and Solange. In my lifetime, I think I’ve listened to more Mariah than anything else. Growing up, my oldest brother would play her albums NON STOP! Her songwriting is unmatched. I love SZA because she is truly the one who gave me the confidence to make music of my own. Her “Z” album really inspired me that you can create and be yourself and still be great. I love Solange because she is so original. Her creativity is so inspiring. 

Now that you’ve relocated to LA to further your career, what are you most looking forward to that this city can offer?

Collaboration and performing. Those are the 2 things that I need to progress in as an artist. It’s very inspiring to be here in LA because there are so many talented people. I really just want to learn and collaborate as much as possible.


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