Reliant Tom Releases A Synthetic Pop Hit Called “Bad Orange”

Reliant Tom, the avant-pop and experimental performance duo from New York, formed after composer Monte Weber met choreographer and vocalist Claire Cuny at DIY show in Brooklyn 2015. The duo pairs music with their unique talents of sound design, wearable technology, modern dance, and non-genre specific songwriting.

Reliant Tom released their single “Bad Orange” which confirmed everything I will state about this duo being the most idiosyncratic, unorthodox and rad musical pairing out today! Bad Orange starts off with a punk rock electrifying sound from the guitar and classic drum kick right before the vocals comes in with a funky and weird yet intriguing beat added on. “Bad Orange” uses multiple synthesizers creating a multi-colored vintage appeal to the record.

Classic rock meets electronic with a hint of ingenious pop music is the best sound to describe the creative single from Reliant Tom What I enjoyed a lot about the track is how Reliant Tom leaves out vocals for a good amount of time at certain areas in the song, allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the synthetic pop atmosphere and environment they have paved for us. Towards the ending of the song, “Bad Orange” becomes more dreamy than anything. You feel fully mesmerized and absorbed into the song. Refreshingly nice..weird, but nice.

Listen to "Bad Orange" here and get to know Reliant Tom in our interview below!

Hello! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hello, Claire Cuny & Monte Weber here. Together we are Reliant Tom. We are an avant-pop band based out of Brooklyn, NY.

How did the idea of forming a duo come into play?

(Claire) We met by happenstance at a dance show I was performing in. Shortly after that we started dating. We didn’t start playing music together fully until a year or so after that. It just happened naturally, we loved spending time together and individually we both spent a lot of time making music. It was difficult at first, coming from such different musical backgrounds, but I think we found our sound with this debut album “Bad Orange.”

Were your musical styles similar to one another once you met?

(Monte) Not exactly, Claire was performing in a folk-rock project, and dancing freelance in NYC. I was studying music composition at grad school. We found common ground through working with technology. Claire is an accomplished choreographer and we’ve worked on many projects together in the concert dance realm exploring our mutual interest in wearable technology and electronic music.

Can you tell us the meaning behind your new song "Bad Orange"?

(Claire) We’ll leave the title open for interpretation, but the song itself touches on the effects of social media we see and feel today. I think it’s easy to give into a false sense of accomplishment and empathy.

Do you guys ever have differences in opinions or musical ideas? If so, how do you work through them?

(Claire) We do have differences in opinions/musical ideas and I think that’s part of what makes us a great team. We’ve discovered that working in music is very similar to working in a relationship. When we are able to listen, communicate, and compromise, we are able to make something beautiful in both aspects of our life.

How has living in New York influenced your music?

(Claire) I think living in New York has make our music a bit noisier. (Monte) Making music in a city necessitates a sort of economic methodology. We are often cramped in a small space creating music through direct inputs. Always thinking about how we are going to pack up for our next gig and what configuration of instruments will be necessary.  We work a lot with computers, drum machines, synths, things which are compact and headphone friendly. We recorded our album ourselves in our small home studio when we lived in Hudson NY. (Upstate) We’ve never been able to have a house for band rehearsal for any real length of time especially during the writing process. I think these limitations greatly inform our sound.

What’s the ultimate goal for you? Where do you see yourself at the end of 2019?

(Claire) For us, it’s a never ending process. Right now we are gigging out with “Bad Orange” and writing our second album. By the end of 2019 we will have made a show that incorporates original choreography, projection art, wearable tech, lighting design through MaxMsp, and of course Reliant Tom music, that was all created at the same time. We are developing all our devices to relate, manipulate, and talk to each other. We are excited to see where this new multimedia live show will take us.     

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