Relleum Rebellion Are Psychedelic Rock Experts In “Spectral Hollow”

Relleum Rebellion is exactly what today's music scene needs. A little grunge, a little goth, and a lot of rock. creative musical outlet for singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vinicius Mueller, Relleum Rebellion is making their psychedelic noise rock out of Toronto, Ontario. Together with jazz drummer Nate Robertson and the steady sound of Andrew "Woodsie" on bass, Relleum Rebellion mixes a love of west coast psychedelic rock with a penchant for 90's noise-rock and blues steeped in some Brazilian MPB. Pulling inspiration from notable artists like Sonic Youth, The Black Keys, and Os Mutantes, Relleum Rebellion is authentic to the core.

With an extensive background in music Relleum Rebellion’s release their incredible single “Spectral Hollow”. The song gives off an old school rock vibe, while still keeping things indie and modern. It’s hypnotizing rhythm keeps your interest, while the lyrics let your mind wander. The guitar chords are spectacular throughout, the pummeling back-beats are groundbreaking and we can’t get enough of Vinicius Mueller’s lofi experimental vocals! It’s haunting, it’s mystical, it’s transcendent. Relleum Rebellion is giving us a fresh new contemporary rock feeling, with a twist. Relleum Rebellion knows how to hook their audiences and we’re already dying to see what’s next.

Listen to “Spectral Hollow” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Relleum Rebellion! Can you start by telling us more about yourselves and your upbringing into music?

Hi there. We're an ever-evolving 3-piece band from the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. We all have been working and performing music with various acts in and around Toronto, Canada for some time now. We have Nate Robertson on drums, and Andrew Woods on bass. I'm Vinicius Mueller - guitar/vocals, and primary songwriter for the project. Nate and Andrew come from a jazz and roots music background while I'm really into west coast psychedelia and was raised on a steady sonic diet of prog and classic rock. Although our tastes are each very eclectic, we find our common ground in our shared love of Tom Waits and Sonic Youth and Captain Beefheart.

How did you create your stage name?

Relleum is my surname backwards, and my shrink says that my rebellion stems from a life-long, deep-seated subconscious aversion to all forms of authority that I acquired equally from my parents and my upbringing in Brazil... but I totally disagree with that.

How did you all meet?

We came together when I moved to the city of Orillia in 2018, avoiding the soaring rent prices in downtown Toronto. The result of getting a little space to breathe, led me to set up a studio in my basement which yielded a wealth of demos that would eventually become the basis for our brand of psychedelic-inspired noise-rock. I met Nate at a local cafe open mic. We started playing together as a guitar and drums duo for a while until he introduced me to Andrew a few months later after one of our gigs.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Spectral Hollow Radio Static”?

This song in particular is a reflection of my feelings of frustration with the status quo, the sense that we are better off embracing our personal values rather than subsuming ourselves to some foreign external thing, artificially superimposed onto us. It's kind of an a-political song about the affect of politics. The title is a reference to the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) that comes from parapsychology, y'know because spooky stuff...

What’s your favourite lyric in “Spectral Hollow”? Why?

My favourite lyric in the song is in the pre-chorus. It goes, "burn your pretty little things, baby, and send your alms unto the sun." This was the line that led to the rest of the lyrics. I'm really into dadaism and my partner is an uber minimalist in every respect of the word. I'm really attracted to the belief that our possessions are these vain trinkets that dispossesses us of ourselves, dividing us from the world around us. Fire cleanses and the sun is worthy of our worship.

What can we expect from you next?

The future is our oyster. We have our debut 6-song EP coming out on August 11th and we're already in the early stages of putting together our next release. Hopefully that will be ready before the end of this year. In the meantime, we will be doing a tour of southern Ontario and the east coast of Canada and we're beginning to set our sights on some US dates for early next year.


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