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Remember Our "Pandemic Summer," With Dmitry Wild's Latest Single

From Moscow to California, and finally NYC, the Artist and Musician Dmitry Wild staples the times while reminiscing our summer holidays with his recent release "Pandemic Summer."

While releasing music under his solo title since 2010, Dmitry Wild also found himself playing for the likes of up to ten groups, one being Weapons of the Future based in San Francisco. Delivering a blend of garage psychedelia with acoustic ballads and layered synths, one is bound to feel something from the broad and bluesy stylings of Dmitry Wild.

With his recent release, "Pandemic Summer," Dmitry Wild wanted to capture a moment in time with this single while basing the song around the quarantined summer we recently experienced. We can feel this heavy garage/grunge appeal through Dmitry Wild's vocal delivery and surrounding instrumentals, as he pushes lyricism that we don't particularly miss, but happy that a talented artist has sonically seized the times.

Dmitry Wild wastes no time and jumps straight into "Pandemic Summer" with his nostalgic instrumentals that take us back a few decades through an overall 50s and 60s feel with help from the bluesy guitars, mid-tempo drum patterns, and Dmitry Wild's crooning vocals. While singing of traveling to the beach and staying far apart, he states that nothing can keep us from feeling the effects of solitude that the pandemic has caused.

We absolutely adore the nostalgic feel that Dmitry Wild has infused into this bewildering hit, as it's truly timeless in sound and lyricism. Through broad instrumental transitions and Dmitry Wild's warm vocal delivery, we're incredibly appreciative of such a thorough and timely single. Ending the song off on a reflective note, Dmitry Wild has quite perfectly captured the blue summer we recently underwent.

Dmitry Wild brings an awful lot of nostalgia with his latest hit, "Pandemic Summer," and we're happy he did, as he takes listeners into a past space (sonically and lyrically) while allowing them to feel at ease with our universal troubles.

Hello Dmitry and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We highly appreciate the raw emotion you've delivered with your single "Pandemic Summer." Why did you want to create a single surrounding our recent quarantined holiday?

I think that I as we all are feeling it, so the raw emotion is how we live today. Everything is raw today, masks are off and we are just faced with our own emotions, each in his own way. Me? I write songs every time I get a nudge from the ether.

What inspired the nostalgic sound within your single "Pandemic Summer?" Did you have any help when executing your sonic creative process? It was really just a simple thing like going to the lake inspired me. It's the simple things that we do and in the midst of all this chaos, yet we can still be grateful for nature all around us. I had no help with it. I recorded mixed it and produced it, but I did have some producers listen to it and give me feedback on the mix.

Do you usually write songs that represent current times and events like your single "Pandemic Summer?"

I guess yeah. I always get inspired by the current moment. Cause if we think about it all we have is the present moment, until tomorrow. Then the present moment becomes yesterday and many yesterdays ago, it's the past. Whatever inspired Bach to write his moonlight sonata, was his present moment, we might not know but he must have felt something and felt compelled to put it to music.

Why did you choose to release your single "Pandemic Summer" when you did? How does the single's timing emphasize the lyrical theme? I can't write holiday-themed sons, it's weird, it would feel like chewing the same gum over and over, and those are some weird holidays, but in those difficult times just remember, we just have to get through this and do it together and be appreciative of every moment we spend with those next to us. A simple thing to say, but it was hard to achieve before all this happened. Winter is hard for a lot of people. So I wanted to release this song I wrote in the summer, to remember that summer breeze comes right after spring, which comes right after winter and all you gotta do meanwhile is get through this time, lift yourself and raise your vibration, and the quickest way to do is to through music, and blasting your heart open. Song from the heart raises our vibrations, so if my song could do it for a moment while it plays, I will feel like I achieved something. The timing of the holiday is precious, but due to the fact that people won't be meeting too much, but we can still press play and feel a little nostalgic and yet with an open heart cold is not so cold, and nights are not so long and summer always comes again and I am sure by then this will all be over soon, but we will remember this wild and crazy time as our past. What has been keeping you inspired to create music this year?

Oh god, it's the very fact that all distractions are off the map and now we are all to ourselves and that's the most precious time for an artist. This is how the best stuff is born. Some people go away to the mountains turn off the phone and get to work. Rightfully so, now all we got is time. You can't say I have got no time. If you are saying that it means you gotta change your priorities. Maybe you don't need to watch all of Netflix shows. Haha!



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