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Reminisce Delivered A Vibe Hit “No Fallacy”

Reminisce is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from the lower east side of New York City. He began rapping at the early age of 14, but wouldn’t gain the confidence to share with anyone until he reached 18. He then decided that he would transform this passion, and hobby into a career path. He’s currently working on his first anticipated release, “Better Asthetics”.

Reminisce came through with delivery in “No Fallacy”. “No Fallacy” had a chilled background beat. This beat creates the foundation support for the lyrical mastery Reminisce came with. Who knew at only 26 years old, Reminisce would be lyrically more skilled than many of the other rappers that are out right now? He shows us his usage of storytelling and songwriting by giving an underlying meaning behind the lyricism in “No Fallacy”.

This record was not only lyrically motivated, but it was a pleasant vibe you can’t resist. The calming production created a hazy effect onto the listener’s mood, abducting us into the music a bit more. “No Fallacy” is an addicting record you can’t help but love. Tune out with the outside world, and tune in with this unforgettable vibe!

Listen to "No Fallacy" here and get to know more about Reminisce below!

Introducing Reminisce! How has the journey been so far? Any major obstacles you had to overcome?

The journey has been great, I've been going through a transformative phase in my life. I left my job of 5 years that i hate and decided to only put effort into things that serve me and make me happy, if it doesn't have purpose or benefits me then it doesn't belong. I've had to overcome insecurities about stability and finance, its scary to leave your safety net, your comfort zone. Doing something you know is a lot easier then diving into new experiences but its stunts your growth, you can't grow in places of comfort. It was difficult changing my perception and values from "this is my lifeline and i need to be a responsible adult" to "this is a temporary fix not a permanent solution and your unhappy doing it". This is paycheck to paycheck, you still have to struggle to grow within that job you hate, still have to learn and go through tedious experiences to grow within what ever you do and you can still fail at it miserably. why not put the effort into something you love? something your good at? Changing my mindset to do music was the obstacle, I'm so happy i did though because i have been more happier now unemployed doing work i love then i have the entire 5 years i was at that place.

What are some struggles you may face during the songwriting portion of a song?

My creative process is a bit irregular. I only write when i feel something, if an instrumental doesn't capture me i won't write. Because of this i have no set time or process of writing, i don't need particular lighting, or special headphones, a comfortable chair, a special space or to even be alone. My writing, like most artist is usually a depiction of what I'm feeling or going through at the time but that won't come out of me unless something im hearing strikes me. Its like a super power i can't control. The closest thing i have to a process is searching for beats online randomly throughout the day for that feeling. Somedays i get lucky, other days i don't.

For you, what makes the perfect record?

The perfect record is sonically pleasing. Something that just makes you feel good. The melody, the way the words roll off, how they land in sync with the instrumental, contrast between rough, smooth, loud and quite, energy and calmness. If it doesnt strike someone by how it sounds first then they will never listen to what's being said. The perfect record sounds good but also has a message, its touching, its relatable, its real but...  the sound comes first, its like the broth of a soup then you start adding ingredients like concepts, punchlines, double entendres or what ever else is your specialty.

Could you tell us about “No Fallacy” and its theme?

No fallacy is actually the outro to my upcoming project "Better Aesthetics". Despite its short length and it not being a conventional song with a chorus, i felt the message in it was very important. Almost everybody i show the song to loves it. It just felt right to share it first, its not a single, I'm not going to make a video for it, i don't plan on putting heavy promotion into it like i do for some of the other songs i plan on releasing, but i wanted it out there. Its a perfect representation of who i am as an artist and where I'm at right now in my life. The theme is to do what you love, what serves you, what makes you happy and fight for it. Fallacy means unsound argument, i called the song no fallacy because how i feel about this isn't up for arguing, it just is what it is, its the truth, its my truth. I don't have an error in my argument, my argument is sound, do what you love and makes you happy and go hard for it, why would you want to live your life any other way.

What’s next for you?

Wrapping up "Better Aesthetics" then releasing it. I want to continue to focus on the creative process then put all my energy into getting it out there. Right now I'm just focused on laying down the perfect brick and cement, not the house. If i keep treating the things i have passion for with the attention and focus it deserves, the rest will follow. Thinking too big or about the end result can be devastating to your progress. You get overwhelmed, you lose clarity and it becomes harder to identify the next move, the next choice. Don't think about the release just think about the song, perfect the song. Don't think about the reception once released just think about executing the release, which platforms and streaming services are you dropping on, how abundant and accessible will it be. Don't think about failing and/or wasting money on marketing or promotion. Focus on the fact that you need to in order to gain exposure then Invest into it and figure out creative ways to do so, networking, personal connections, social media, blogs and music websites like buzz music. So that's what's next for me, to finish stacking these creative bricks perfectly then move on to the next phase of the process.


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