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Reminisce On Old School Hip-hop Grooves With Karl.witaK's "Mafia Sinatra"

Karl.witaK began journalism at the age of 15 years old. Struggling to deal with the loss of his mother, he found peace in music and literature. In 2000, Karl.witaK became the host of a youth show called Teen Focus, which aired on Comcast CTV76 in Prince George's County. He had won two Telly Awards during that time, including Best Host in 2008 for Youth Programming. Among other notable accomplishments, Karl.witaK is the youngest person ever to report on the White House Lawn. He has had the honor of interviewing former President George W. Bush, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama and Michelle Obama President.

Karl.witaK places his hopes and dedication in being more involved in his community through spoken word, media ventures, creating books, and recreations besides the influences in the world today.

Karl.witaK releases the charismatic effervescence of "Mafia Sinatra." Through a soundscape of vulnerability dressed in substantial rhyme schemes, Karl.witaK dabbles into both a hard-hitting energy while being fully conscious in the lyrical content that he puts forth.

His nostalgic tonal distinction is reminiscent of old school hip-hop heavyweights that he delivers his lyrical dexterity. Taking note of how his persona effortlessly shines through on the captivating instrumentation, the two outlets mesh in a prevailing method to bring the punchy and immersive techniques to life. Karl.witaK has a specific sound that sets him apart from the rest of the Hip-hop genre showcased in the modern generation. By delving into his tried and true skills, Karl.witaK focuses on the storytelling approach taken from his journalism roots, which allow him to stand in his own category.

You get the best of both worlds with Karl.witaK at the helm of his own ship. "Mafia Sinatra" sets a precedent for others to follow suit of this talented emcee. If you're looking for that track to click repeat on, well, we have the pick for you. Karl.witaK is most certainly the top dog in his lane.

Congratulations on the release of, “Mafia Sinatra.” What sparked your inspiration in the lyrical content of this song?

Thank you, I'm definitely humbled and appreciative. Well, the inspiration is a personal one. The lyrics are actually a true story. I've always been a Rat Pack fan and one of my favorite songs of theirs; "I Feel a Song Coming On", inspired me. Mafia Sinatra signifies a story; an instrumental one of personal demons and angels. It’s a true Sinatra story, I think. It's shocking, interesting, funny, and entertaining. It's more to it and I'd want to know what it is.

How have you been able to grow musically from your experience in journalism? At what point did your songwriting skills commence?

Honestly, being me. I have fought with myself concerning the content of my music and always thought being me would offend people or my honesty would give me heat from the family, friends, etc.… but I realized good music is honesty. People can tell the difference and in the real world, honesty is far from the truth. I'd say my songwriting really clicked last year. I've written songs but always considered myself a poet if you listen to my previous work before Sinatra. But I don’t think it really registered. So my brother/producer Shotyme just instilled in me that I needed to write to be heard and that’s what I've been doing.

Could you please take us into what the creative process of, “Mafia Sinatra,” looked like?

The creative process was interesting. Like I said it’s a true story so when I wrote it, I definitely made sure my wife heard it. That’s it lol. My wife and I were homeless for nearly 10 years, so we both did a lot in-between that like any serious couple. But for me, it was like taking an old dusty skeleton out of my closet and throwing it away.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have received in your artistic career this far?

Just Being honest with myself and accepting it. It's me, whether anyone likes it or not, and never changes for the status quo. I know everyone isn't as open-armed, but someone will hug you. Trust me lol.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well, I'll have a music video soon for Mafia Sinatra coming in February as well as for my second single "Love Advice, which is out now so check that out. Then I'm dropping "202&Heartache" the EP on Feb. 12th. The 3rd single from the album will be "Miss Me" so look out for that in early March. July will be "Won't U Be my Neighbor" the album. So I have a lot in store and can't wait for everyone to hear and see it visually.


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