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Reminisce Through Emotions With, "Doing to Me"

Born in Philadelphia, PA Brandon White, professionally known as SoloNtune began his musical journey at the age of 16. Though being exposed to a wide variety of genres such as reggae, R&B, neo-soul, jazz, alternative, and punk, he decided to take vocal lessons from a well-known vocalist and instructor named Veronica Underwood.

After attending lessons, he knew at that moment that he wanted to pursue a career in the field of being an entertainer inspired by acclaimed vocalists such as Tank, 112, Mario, Usher, Smokey Robinson, Bryan McKnight, and Tevin Campbell.

The most recent single to be released by SoloNtune transports listeners into a reverberated chamber of intimate lyrical motifs that express pain and hurt that comes in a relationship where someone is leading you on to believe there is more there than what actually is. “Doing to Me,” expresses an exhilarating vocal performance exuded by SoloNtune is profound in a light that has us examining the heartfelt tenors from this emerging artist through a kaleidoscope lens.

Collaborating with MikeMonark in order to portray eye-catching visuals for “Doing to Me,” we see the intimate setting created by SoloNtune where he confesses his inner thoughts in a one-on-one expose as he takes a late-night stroll on the town. As we pan through various text message exchanges that he encounters with the one he is trying to see eye to eye with, we quickly realize that the pain SoloNtune feels is coming from a place of reason.

We hear the earnest croons pour from a place of personal experience as we set flame to the passion-filled thoughts that overflow in gripping emotion. SoloNtune uses his platform to speak from a vulnerable spectrum riddled with authenticity. Exploring a dynamic that emanates a warm invitation for his audience to welcome themselves into, we’re emotionally charged in the lush timbres showcased.

Hello SoloNtune, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Doing to Me.” You explore a vulnerable side of your artistry in this song. What was the moment or story that brought this song to life?

The song was about an experience I had a long time ago about a girl showing interest in me sending the obvious signals and telling me how she felt, but when it came to hanging out and actually trying to see where it would go it was always an excuse, and me being so into her that I never decided to actually move on from the games she was playing or what I felt was games. So I wrote about it, did a video and it expressed everything.

What was it like working with J.Cruze on the song's production and MikeMonark on the music video? How did they help to enhance your artistic vision?

Working J.CRUZE is and always a dope he puts emotion into every instrumental though I don't know him personally just the work he does with his beats, the opportunity to know him face to face would be dope. MikeMonark is a good friend of mine who is talented with visuals he's done almost every video for me, I share my vision he throws his ideas in, and bam magic!

Could you please take us into what it was like filming the visuals for “Doing to Me”? What were the vibes like on set?

Filming "Doing To Me" fun it was cold lol but it was all worth it alot of good shots, it all just felt right and the spot to film was very open I felt like the area was perfect for showing the vibe/mood I was trying to present.

What is the main message that you hope to send out to your audience through your music?

That no matter if its moments or long story experiences that I'll always have something relatable to present because though it may be my personal experiences

I'm sure we all go through the same things just in different ways and at different times in

our lives ya know... you're not alone.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

A 3 track or pack ep as they call it today lol, haven't figured out a title just yet. I'm taking my time with it don't wanna overthink it. I want it to flow out naturally but I hope people will enjoy it just as much as I've enjoyed creating it.



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