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Renner Exposes The Toxic, Messy Games We Play In His New EP, 'Happy'

Modern romance can be messy, but can he find love in this messed-up world?

Born in the land of ten thousand lakes before moving to Texas, Minnesota-born musician Matthew David Renner (better known by his stage name “Renner”) is a country and rock singer/songwriter who’s been making waves with his artistic vision and the ability to execute that vision flawlessly.

Born into a family with a rich musical history, this third-generation musician was exposed to music from the moment he was born. Incorporating genres from country, rock, and hip-hop into his sound, you never know which direction Renner will take you, but one thing is always certain: it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Although many things stand out about Renner as an artist, one of the most defining characteristics of his artistic ethos is his unwavering dedication to his artistic vision and process. He’s not satisfied unless he gets it entirely right, and this standard has led to each Renner release being absolute quality. Having made the difficult position to put his music career on hold after high school to support his family, he kept his artistic flame burning. Having returned to the musical world sharper and better than ever, the future continues to look incredibly bright for this talented musician.

Renner’s new EP “Happy” is an honest, intimate release that exquisitely blurs the line between rock and country. It’s many things, but perhaps most pertinently, it feels like an emotional journey fueled by Renner’s transparency and emotive lyrical performance. The EP clocks in at around 10 minutes with three songs, but the quality is so good it leaves you wanting more. The base of this project is undoubtedly grounded with Renner’s signature rock-country fusion, but his execution on all three tracks is different, making the release feel well-rounded.

On the opening titular track, “Happy,” lyrics like “All that you wanted was, to be happy, you said you’re happy / Then you went and left me I guess / You weren’t happy” set the stage for a slow, emotional burn. On “Drunk Love,” Renner tentatively entertains the thought of new love with lyrics like “Because I'm drunk and in love, tomorrow I don't know what / I’m going to do if I don’t like who you are or who I am,” interestingly considering changes in his partner, but also himself.

Finally, on the EP’s closer “Miss You,” with lyrics like “We’re so dysfunctional it's like we’re the same / We treat each other like we don't know the game” and “You say you hate me, baby, kind of makes me want you,” Renner explores a cycle of toxic love. In its totality, “Happy” is an EP that chronicles anything but happiness. Still, Renner’s vocal and lyrical performance is so fascinating that you hold onto every word and lyric.

Renner’s new EP “Happy” is a three-song offering that delves into the toxic games we can find ourselves caught in today’s modern romance world. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Renner’s new EP “Happy”, available now on all majour streaming platforms.


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