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Reno Valay Sets Our Speakers Ablaze With, "Just Another Story"

From Montreal to Toronto, the Jamaican rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and hip-hop artist Reno Valay releases a hard-hitting and blazing single entitled "Just Another Story."

After learning the piano at the age of seven, Reno Valay later became entrenched in co-writing and filming, so much so that he starred in a documentary entitled I Love Burgz. Falling in love with writing and recording music, Reno Valay went on to create smash hits and host gigs around Toronto to put his name on the map.

With inspirations like 2Pac, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, it's no wonder why Reno Valay creates such heavy and powerful anthems, especially his latest single, "Just Another Story." The single takes listeners through rather intense and serious scenarios that amplify Reno Valay's innate passion and power. Without further ado, let's get to the goods.

Taking a listen to "Just Another Story," the track kicks off with a sparkling synth arrangement that brings us into a powerful and explosive sonic atmosphere right off the bat. As the tappy and crisp drum breaks begin to pound through our speakers, Reno Valay jumps into his dominant flow while demanding our attention and delivering the utmost powerful and intense bars.

We love the hard-hitting feel of this single, as it leaves us nodding our heads to Reno Valay's authoritative and attention-commanding flow. We must also mention Valay's unique rhythmic delivery; he truly takes us by surprise with each bar and lyric that tells an intense story, leaving us feeling invigorated and stimulated.

Get a power boost from Reno Valay's latest anthemic single, "Just Another Story," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Reno Valay, we're totally impressed with your authoritative and attention-commanding performance in your latest single, "Just Another Story." What inspired your intense lyrical content in this track?

I remember hearing about the passing of King Von. At the time I was really getting into his music and felt a connection with the stories he would create through his songs. I myself like to tell stories in my songs that I have either gone through or someone in my life has. As of late, I've just been making music I personally would want to hear, like King Von, Pop Smoke, etc. So specific for this track I would say that King Von was the biggest inspiration for this song. I wanted to challenge myself to make something that is not really expected from me which I believe I delivered with Just Another Story.

Did you work alongside any producers to help create the sonics for "Just Another Story?" What was this process like?

I have a home studio where I basically go through the process of creating every song. I remember hearing the beat for Just Another Story on youtube and I decided to message BeatzByBTeam. At that point, I had completed writing and recording the demo of the song and figured I would send it to him so he could hear how it sounded. Keep in mind he has no idea who I am at this point and I'm just a random person sending him a DM on Instagram. He actually ended up answering and saying it sounded like I was possessed by King Von, so I took that as a win and proceeded to make the official track. When you work with a great producer it can always make the songwriting process easier. BeatzByBTeam is definitely one of those producers that can create something that you can easily write to and express yourself the way you want to.

How did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing your hard-hitting single, "Just Another Story?"

Well, I had two things in mind when someone would hear Just Another Story. First I wanted to change everyone who already knew of my music perspective and show that I can make more than just heartfelt music. I felt that not a lot of people were really rocking with that type of music because they wanted something more hype or more energetic. I don't believe my music at that time really brought what listeners may have wanted, though it is what I wanted and needed at the time. Second, for anyone new, I wanted them to question who I was. I wanted the song to pique their interest enough for them to wonder if the story was real or even start looking into who could be making this kind of music. Hopefully, I did a good enough job to pique some people's interest haha!

Could you enlighten us on what you strive to stand for and represent with your artistic brand? How does your music reflect who you are and your life experiences?

A lot of artists are known for 1 sound and that's about it. I don't want to conform to that idea that I have to sound the same for the rest of my musical career. I strive to have my music in every genre of music. Nowadays you're seeing hip-hop country artists and gospel rap music all over the place. I want to have my foot in everything so that no matter where I go, I got a song that can touch someone. I'm striving for people to know my brand as the artist that can do every form of music. My music is a spot-on representation of me because I'm all over the place when I'm thinking. The same can be said about my music, it's all over the place from political to life experience to the street. A lot of my life experiences do make it into my music but not in the direct way some people would think. Something could happen to me and in the song, I decided to talk about what I wanted to do instead of what I did.

What's next for you?

I'm going to be doing more shows all over the place! I'm calling that right now. They say you got to speak it into existence so that's what I'm going to do. I plan on getting on Spotify editorial playlists and building a loyal fan base that will rock with me on this journey. I want to sell out concert halls and maybe even stadiums God willing. Get my music on more radio stations too because who doesn't want to be driving and hear something they created being played for thousands of people? That feeling is pretty intense when it first happens and every time after that it just sends dopamine surging through your body. As I continue to grow I'm hoping to connect with more people through making the music I want to hear. I'm just hoping that other people want to hear it too haha!


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