Rens & Florian’s Track “I Wish” Is A Laid-Back Combination Of Intriguing Sounds

Netherlands base duo and multi-instrumentalist’s Rens & Florian play music from a variety of genres. The duo writes, produces and mixes all their music by themselves allowing them to release songs that are truly from their hearts. Rens & Florian have an EP being released soon.

“I Wish” starts off with down-to-earth tones of what sounds like a keyboard along with passionate strumming on the guitar and promptly followed by the laid-back vocal tones that give this track an almost jazzy feel. The mellow and hypnotizing vocals are able to glide over notes softly and smoothly to create a tranquil sounds that easily relaxes the listener. It really feels like Rens & Florian have creatively collaborated to compile this unique, blend of sounds that really dive into various genres with a modern spin such as jazz and hip-hop, in my opinion. The lyrics tell a story of passion and lust for a deep love, and is delivered in “I Wish” as a ballad type track with words that gracefully flow together and also draw emotion from the target audience. I love the creative guitar harmonies that can be found in “I Wish”, along with a soulful melody that accompanies the chorus sections and the trumpet solo located closer to the end of the track. “I Wish” is a beautiful blend of sounds that really gets the emotions running and connects with listeners on a personal level. Rens & Florian have really defined this new genre and are a duo to watch for.

Listen to "I Wish" here and get to know more about Rens & Florian below!

Hey Rens & Florian! What a wonderful sound you have created! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Thank you first of all! We are 2 friends from The Netherlands and we’re both in music school. We just love playing music and we don’t do much else really. Another thing we like doing is to find a balance between silly and serious. 

What inspired you to write “I Wish” and is there a message behind the lyrics?

Well the story of “I Wish” is a really weird story. We decided to write, produce and shoot the videoclip for a song in one day. When we were thinking of a subject for the song one of us said lets make a song about my (Florian’s) cat. The rest is history. My green eyed and brown haired cat is named “bitterbal”. In Dutch bitterbal is also the name of a fried snack that you eat with fries. she is so cute. 

Is there a particular part of “I Wish” that you both really love?

We both really love the harmonies we did in the chorus. It really lifts the whole song up! We also putted a little secret/meme in the song for all of the musician listeners.

4. How did you find your sound as a duo and are there any artists that inspire it?

We are still searching for what exactly “our sound” is. I think we’ll find a lot of answers to that question in our next EP! 

Tell us what we can expect to see from you in 2019.

If I haven’t said it enough yet: THERE IS GOING TO BE AN EP SOON! Expect a lot of different styles of music, weird videoclips and some good music. And oh yeah on our Instagram we are going to post a lot of small stupid videos of us making music, so make sure to follow it! 


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