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Retro Color Reflects on the Past with a Sincere Single, "Lovely Little Night"

Drifting in from Temecula, CA, the pop/rock brother duo Retro Color reminisces on a "Lovely Little Night" with their latest uplifting single.

With a mission to promote self-love and hope to their listeners, Retro Color stops at nothing until their fanbase is moving and grooving with each spirited melody and relatable lyric. Through inspirations like Green Day and Fall Out Boy, Retro Color delivers simplistic hooks and exhilarating beats to keep their listeners locked in.

Now releasing their uplifting pop/rock anthem, "Lovely Little Night," Retro Color dazzles us in an instrumental daze with their shimmering synths, gritty rhythm guitar, upbeat drum patterns, and the lead vocalist's powerful and broad vocal range. While reminiscing on past love and easier days, Retro Color sets sail into this single with nothing but passion.

Taking a deeper listen to "Lovely Little Night," the track opens with soothing electric guitar picks, leading up to the flavorful and celestial beat drop. Once the drums make their appearance alongside the transcendent synth arrangement, the lead vocalist enters the track and begins pouring his heart through our speakers with lyrics like "It was a perfect crime, a true blessing in disguise, it was a lovely little night."

Moving through the song, a warm and distorted electric guitar solo takes the spotlight and heightens the song's instrumental emotion alongside the lead vocalist's intriguing delivery and powerful vocals. Throughout the track, we hear many resemblances to a modern-day MGK, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy through Retro Color's punk approach and instrumental bliss.

Introduce yourself to the dynamic stylings of Retro Color and their latest uplifting single, "Lovely Little Night," now available on all streaming platforms.

We're excited to chat with your group and get to know your duo a little better. What inspired the creation of your latest reminiscent single, "Lovely Little Night?"

Lovely Little Night was written when Jeremy and I (Ethan) were sitting in our studio trying to come up with a new tune. We pulled out a Beatles book and chose 3 words from that book to make a song title and came up with Lovely, Little, and Night. From there on we drove the idea of having a love song about a lovely little night.

Could you inform us of the members within your duo and who handled the songwriting for your recent single, "Lovely Little Night?"

My brother Jeremy and I are the only members of our band and co-wrote the instrumentals and lyrics to Lovely Little Night. Jeremy recorded his drum parts after we wrote the song, and I recorded vocals, guitars, and keys.

Seeing as you're brothers, is there some sort of creative chemistry when making music together? What was the entire creative/recording process like for "Lovely Little Night?"

It is interesting being in a creative zone with your brother. Everything clicks in a good way and we feel our productivity is at its peak when we work together. When we come up with a good idea for a song, we are normally both on the same page. When something is poorly written, we aren’t afraid to critique the other's work.

How do songs like "Lovely Little Night" help your audience get to know your sound and style better? What sort of lyrical concepts do you tend to touch on?

One thing that I believe to be a Retro Color staple is the acoustic style drums, and bass guitar. In Lovely Little Night, we tried to focus on drum beats, a driven bass guitar, and a well-written story. We believe those elements are the key to the RC sound.




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