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Revisit Your "Past Life," With Xinclair's Melodic Hit

We’re always fascinated with how emerging artist XINCLAIR delivers intoxicating bodies of work in such a consistent fashion. Returning with his most recent single, “Past Life,” the mesmerizing hues XINCLAIR delivers sends us through a frenzy of emotions yet again.

Upon first listen, reverberated guitar strums warmly open up “Past Life,” as you prepare to get indulged with an unalloyed emotion-filled ballad. Contrary to popular belief, the addition of weighty trap-inspired drums propels this record in a direction that is impactful with percussion hits that can shake the ground.

XINCLAIR performs with utter charisma as he utilizes his unmatched swagger to weave us through the lyrical dexterity executed. “Past Life,” approaches a narrative of a relationship gone sour, and one of the partners wanting to leave the other behind in their past life. Based on a real-life experience that had XINCLAIR turning to the pen and paper as his creative and emotional outlet, he brings forth an emotional connection to his audience as he endures each word with a heart-rending agony in his melodic meets emcee like timbres.

The music video accompanying this upbeat sentimental feature has us guided through the memories that XINCLAIR revisits as he attempts to move on from the situation of the past. With each scene acting as a chamber to his mind’s inner work, we see the vision unravel as we are exposed to the bigger picture. Serving up yet another memorable hit, we always admire the innovative essence that XINCLAIR embodies as he releases new tunes.

Hello XINCLAIR and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the way that you approached “Past Life,” with a style of your artistry that we have yet to hear from you! What inspired you to take this route when creating “Past Life?"

I was really wanting to try something different Artistically & Visually. I’ve done a couple of music videos in the past but nothing on the scale of full set production, so going into it I really just wanted to try something new for my fans. I feel like this is hands down my best video to date and seeing people's reactions saying the same thing is a great feeling. Using music as an outlet, do you ever find certain subjects easier or more difficult to get onto paper? Where does “Past Life” fit in this scheme?

Absolutely, writing songs with a storyline or theme is 10X harder than just writing a club banger. I feel Past Life fits in the middle of both, having an underlying theme but still keeping the upbeat vibe people love. Sometimes you just gotta have fun with music and not take it too seriously you know. The music video for this track most definitely has us hooked on the flashback revisited as you brought the entirety of this song full circle. Could you please share what it was like creating the visuals?

We rented out this 1950’s themed house in Phoenix for the video and dressed up in 1950’s clothes to match the aesthetic. It was a really smooth video shoot, the house/owners were great and made the whole process easy. The song has the underlying story of wanting to break up and leave your partner in the “Past Life” So I made sure to include this in the video. I represented it by having the twins in the video. Showing how no matter where I go she always seems to be there. I walked out of one room and she's already in the hallway, I turn around and she's waiting there again. Shining some light on the cycle many people are trapped in of being in a situation that’s surrounding them they can’t seem to escape from no matter which way they turn. What are you hoping that your fan base takes away from “Past Life?"

My end goal when making the song and video was to give my fans something that would stick with them. Whether that's the video or the song itself, people relate to things in different ways so I didn't really have 1 goal in mind. I just wanted everyone to take something away in one way or another that will impact them in a positive way. What's next for you?

I have 2 new music videos releasing soon for my songs “Goodbye & Numb iii” with Gun Boi Kaz. We recently linked up for the first time to shoot them so I'm excited for everyone to see what we’ve been working on. Besides that I've been working on a bunch of singles I'm gonna be releasing over the next couple of months!



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