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Rey Gets Lost In The Heat Of The Moment In, "Time Flies"

From the Dominican Republic to the Bronx, singer-songwriter, producer, and audio engineer Rey takes us on a sensual journey with his latest sweet-sounding single, "Time Flies."

Rey's sound best resides under the genres of hip-hop, r&b, and Latin, blending the three to create harmonious and catchy projects. Rey strives to create music that brings people together, setting the mood for lively parties and chill moods. He's currently educating himself on social work and marketing to ensure his talent consists of more than just content.

The Bronx-based recording artist recently released his velvety smooth single, "Time Flies," that drenches us in a sultry and passionate ambiance like no other. We admire how versatile Rey's artistry is; his production on the song is nothing but a sonic serving of bliss. Paired with his passionate and soulful performance, listeners are truly in for a treat.

Expanding on the new single, "Time Flies," the tune gently opens with the softest synths that drift in from the background alongside haunting vocal chops. As the heavy kick begins to boom through our speakers alongside the tapping hi-hats, Rey makes his way in and begins to serenade us with the utmost passion and emotional depth.

Rey's performance is truly captivating; he radiates this magnetic persona that keeps our undivided attention with confidence and poise. We adore how sensual and open this song is; Rey continues to bask in the glory of someone's sweet love while reminding us that a love like this is hard to find. As his vocals float their way to the bridge, Rey drops us into this heavy Latin-inspired drum arrangement to end the song with energy.

Lose yourself in the heat of the moment with Rey's sultry new single, "Time Flies," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rey. We love the smooth and sensual atmosphere of your latest single, "Time Flies." What inspired you to create such a soft and sensual song?

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for listening. It’s kind of weird but I’m in a rhythm right now. There are so many things going my way is like all I have to do is go with the flow. It’s funny you described it as a soft and sensual song because it can certainly give you that slow jam vibe.

What was your songwriting process like for "Time Flies"? Was it easy for you to write your passionate and sincere words?

The process for "Time Flies" was all inspiration. The holiday season is a time when you either rise to the occasion or shy away from all the frenzy, the commercials, the gifts, events, bundles, and stuff. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family that is also jolly and effervescent (if you will) during this time of year so the mixture of that and a great playlist did the trick.

Did you create the production for "Time Flies" entirely by yourself?

Absolutely not. Alvin Ryze is in Canada. I met him through a friend who also works with many producers that compose romantic songs. I’m sure there are many R&B singers who’ve worked with him. He’s great playing the keyboards and I believe he also records his own guitar samples. Which is super cool. Anyway, he made the musical elements, and I wrote the lyrics, arranged them, and engineered the master.

How did you create the production and sonics to emphasize the song's passionate theme?

The production and sonics to emphasize the song’s theme all come from experience, inspiration, and a little ingenuity. I think as creators we carry a sixth sense to these things and I’ve been fortunate to work with some good producers. I know a very well-done production when I hear one. The rest is having the talent to engineer the vocals (you’ll hear a drop at about a minute left to the song with some drums, that was me, I did that—lol.

What did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing "Time Flies"?

I wanted the listener to easily capture the moment. You gotta understand and I tell everybody that I speak to about this, right now, I’m on a highway where the vehicle is on autopilot and the words are like the mileage. It’s really a beautiful process to sit and just press record. So to answer your question, I want the listener to be on that same highway with me. Hopefully, that metaphor best explains "Time Flies," and a lot of my work being released as of late.

What is your goal with your music in 2022?

My goal with my music in 2022 is to leave it all out there. I hope that by 2023, (wow 2023 that sounds pretty cool)—my goal for 2022 is that I’m no longer releasing music for followers but to tap on the numbers aspect. Whether it is how many streams/comments per record, raising the level of engagement on social media Interacting with fans, or dropping merch. Is a long shot but we’ll see.


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