Rhea Robertson Turns A Classic Kid Cudi Song Into A Contemporary Hit

Gold Coast Music Song of the Year finalist, Rhea Robertson is an alternative pop singer/songwriter. Her music captures audiences with a fusion of melodies that linger in the listeners mind, dreamy jazz undertones, poignant lyrics and dreamy alt-pop sounds. She offers hints of influences by #LanaDelRey, the Golden Hollywood era and Hip Hop soundscape inspirations. Rhea is a sensational singer who took Kid Cudi’s “Day n Nite” hit and transformed it into an atmospheric realm of dreamy pop music. She blossoms the single with her distinctive voice, unusual yet charmingly engrossing. The dramatic and augmented soft spoken vocals so hauntingly intriguing it cultivates your entire sensibility is just one of my many favorite personal aspects of her cover. It’s always a unique factor to see artists create a popular well known sound and transition it into their own individualistic rendition. It shows true artistry and personal branding of their music to be able to strategically fabricate a song suitable to their style and that’s exactly what Rhea Robertson accomplished!

You can check out her cover of Kid Cudi’s “Day n Nite” here and follow her on social media! We see big things happening in Rhea Robertson's music career in the near future, check out our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview.

When was the first instance you realized music is something you wanted to do Rhea?

I come from a family of dancers, so performing was encouraged and supported in my upbringing. From a very young age I started creating on my own shows and performing them to anyone who would listen.  They were always very elaborate with costumes, playing multiple  characters and performing my own songs.  I travelled the world with my gypsy family and everywhere we went, I’d busk my shows on the street. Having my family support my career choice has been such a blessing...I’ve never stopped believing in myself, I’m still following my heart and I’ve loved every moment of the journey.  No back up plans here haha...I always live by the motto love the life you live, live the life you love and oh boy, I love my music filled life ! 

Do you prefer being un-categorized with your music? Why or why not?

I have such a broad range of love for music, with so many musical flavors influencing my style.  I love exploring the genres and challenging myself to explore every extremity of my capabilities.  Life is ever changing and we are always growing as people, it makes sense to me to be un-categorized so my music can grow and develop with me. 

Noting that Lana Del Rey is one of your musical influences, any favorite songs from her?

Ah the Queen! I have been following her journey as an artist for a long time.  We share some similarities in our vocal tone and musical influences, so watching her fly has really  inspired me to stay authentic to my sound.  Blue Jeans is definitely one of my favorites...I love her use of live instruments, hip hop element sampling and her rhythmical vocal melodies.

Are you a fan of Kid Cudi yourself!? Why did you select to cover his song “Day n Nite”?

Day n Nite takes me back to living in Europe when I was 18, where endless days turned into sleepless nights...this song was an anthem on my travels, singing on the streets to pay my way and then dancing all night until the sun came up. It was a time of great adventure and also a time of great struggle. This song really captures that light and shade element for me.. the turbulent transition from teenager to adult, the highs and lows! 

What do you think will stand you apart from other artists in the industry?

I try to stay very open minded when it comes to my music. I’m willing to try new things and push myself in ways that challenge me. I always try to write in a way that scares me a little. Someone out there is probably held captive by that very same thought. So, speaking the truth and freeing others is why I’m here! I have no fear of judgement and I stay 100% authentic to my vision. I am also willing to put in the work it takes to get to the next level.

How does Los Angeles inspire you as a artist?

I’ve been to LA 3 times now for music and every time I leave even more inspired and driven. It’s something about it he energy of the city of angels...everyone is pushing for their dreams and you can make it happen here if you’re willing to work! I absolutely love to writing scene in LA, amazingly talented people coming together to create is my favorite thing in the world! I hope to be spending a lot more time in LA very soon.

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Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rhearobertson YouTube: www.youtube.com/RheaMusicAustralia