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Rich Trapper Is Ready To Rumble In "Game 6"

Coming in hot from South Central Los Angeles is the recording artist, songwriter, and rapper Rich Trapper with his highly-anticipated hit, "Game 6," off his latest EP of the same name.

Rich Trapper has experienced his fair share of trials and tribulations. His one-of-a-kind situation started at the age of 12 after having his first child, combined with the pressures of growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

Having grown up around the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Skeme, and Dom Kennedy, Rich Trapper says he developed an "elite level of focus" to make his desires a reality. He brings those themes to life in his latest EP, Game 6, especially in the project's title track.

Rich Trapper says the project was inspired by various experiences like losing loved ones, family members landing life sentences, and being wanted by U.S. Marshals.

Hitting play on the album's title track, "Game 6," the song brightly opens with vibrant synths and rich strings that lead us into a haunting yet thrilling atmosphere. Rich Trapper quickly jumps into his verse with incredible authority, grabbing our attention with ease right off the bat.

The difference between Rich Trapper's vocal stylings and his intense flow is wild; he delivers enough heat and energy to make it seem like there are two artists on the track. This dynamic and hearty listening experience discusses determination and coming out on top even when life has you down and out. It's quite the thrilling track that lets us better understand the depth of Rich Trapper's personal bars and creative abilities.

We highly encourage you to tune into greatness with Rich Trapper's latest hit, "Game 6," off his new 6-track EP, Game 6, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rich Trapper. What an engaging and captivating experience you've provided with your latest hit, "Game 6." What inspired you to write this high-energy and conceptual track?

The name project name “Game 6” came from Willie Joe, one of the A&Rs of Generation Now/Atlantic Records. The idea behind the project was to show I’m not only a contender but a winning competitor. In the world of basketball, Game 6 is an opportunity to end the series and claim a championship. The lead single, “Game 6,” Feat K.L. is the essence of the project.

How does the single "Game 6" tie into the other tracks on your EP, Game 6? How does this song connect with the others on the project?

The single “Game 6” touches briefly on every topic of each song on the project but mainly shows the ability to not only create a timeless record but show the hunger of an independent artist, as shown through each song on the “Game 6” EP. The aggressive LA flow met with the production of Apollo Jetson Bay Area slap provides the perfect combination to complement the songs before and after the project.

How long did it take to create the entire 6-track EP, Game 6? When did you start executing ideas for the project?

It took me about a year and a half. I’ve been helped a lot by two of Generation Now's lead A&Rs, Royce Monroe & Willie Joe. With that said, it was more than making great music, the rollout had to match. As an independent artist wanting a deal, it’s essential for me to handle business and present myself at the highest level. Yes, the project “Game 6” is out and available I’m still working daily to build the success of this project.

How does the Game 6 EP contrast your 2020 album, Baby? What are the main differences between these two projects?

"Game 6” is actually my first complete project for 2020, consisting of my two singles, “I Need A Bitch” produced by the late legend Traxamillion and “Swear To God,” prod by Apollo Jetson. These songs were the first songs I worked on with Royce and Willie Joe, and with these songs, I learned how to structure a record as well as the proper way to go about building an audience/market for my music. Being able to see what works and what doesn’t with those to single was huge in considering the way “Game 6” is presented.

What do you hope to make listeners experience with the new EP, Game 6? What do you want the project to provide them with?

With the “Game 6” project, I want you, the listener, to be inspired to be the best at what they do, no matter what it is. I know what it’s like to have every obstacle stacked against me, and yeah, some days are harder than others but on no day do I give up. I’m in a situation where I have to be a self-starter/motivator, and I know that’s the reality of most people, so I’m here to show that you can achieve at the highest levels by perfecting yourself. If you’re afraid to dream, that’s fine. You can put your dreams on me until you’re ready because I’m not in this for me alone I’m for the streets….the people.

What's next for you?

I’m working on my follow-up, “I’m still rich” I plan on finishing this while I’m in la on vacation (yeah, I record on vacation it’s never working when you love what you do). When I say “I’m still rich,” I’m not talking about the money aspect; I’m talking about life, love, morals, respect, happiness, god, and family, all that brings the money. “I’m still rich” will continue to show my ability to shine as an artist and brand. There will be a huge move starched to this project but for now, enjoy “Game 6” out now on all platforms.


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