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Ride "The Wave" of Reflection with Cam Murdoch

The Minneapolis-born, Virginia-repping multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, rapper, and versatile artist Cam Murdoch delivers a sweet-sounding ode to neo-soul with his latest single, "The Wave."

Always delivering pensive lyricism that pays tribute to neo-soul, Cam Murdoch gathers influence merely from personal experience and the mental makeup of acclaimed film/television characters. With over a decade-long career, it's safe to say that Murdoch has proven that his eclectic bars/lyricism will perpetually stand the test of time.

Now releasing his groovy and thought-provoking single, "The Wave," listeners can catch Cam Murdoch expand on bars that touch on the highs and lows of life while basking in the long-deserved mental freedom he's craved. Overtop of tender and fluid sonics, the song truly stands out as a unique and refreshing listening adventure.

Diving into "The Wave," the song opens with tender acoustic guitar melodies and vocal samples that blend with ease and vibrance. Overtop of a punchy and crisp mid-tempo trap beat and soothing acoustic guitar picking, Cam Murdoch later makes his powerful vocal appearance and delves into his bars that touch on being tentatively in love with someone whose heart is like a tennis match.

If there's one thing for sure, it's that Cam Murdoch delivers the utmost pristine, clear, and intriguing bars we've seen from an independent artist in a while, as his alluring tones crossed with intense lyrical themes makes for an exhilarating and conceptual listening venture. We love the smooth-sailing vibes of this track, as Cam Murdoch leads us towards the outro with nothing but passion, introspection, and heart.

Sink into a needed state of reflection with help from Cam Murdoch's latest single, "The Wave," now available to kick back with on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cam Murdoch. We're heavily impressed with the lyrical depth and sonic vibe you've delivered within your recent single, "The Wave." What inspired this smooth-sailing and reflective single?

When I began writing this song, I was facing a lot of big life changes. After running from my problems for so long, I was finally ready to meet change head-on and also accept the things that I could not change. This song is about riding that current into who you are supposed to be. I've been at this for a long time, so long that many people haven't heard me rap in this manner but it's actually the root of my artistry. I'm feeling more like myself after all of these years of being everything else.

Did you create the beat and production for "The Wave?" What inspired this sonic merger of fluid acoustic guitars, soothing vocals, and punchy trap drums?

I produced "The Wave" using a sample that I cleared with Tracklib, shout out to them. Chopping and flipping samples were the thing that made me fall in love with making beats back in 2005, but I'd gotten away from it within my own music due to how hard it is to clear samples sometimes. I actually heard this whole beat in my head as soon as I heard the sample. I wanted to keep much of the original essence I felt from the song. The bass needed to smack, it needed to be jarring yet smooth enough to represent how riding the waves or change felt.

If there was one message that listeners could obtain from your single, "The Wave," what would you want that to be?

It's okay not to know where you're going, sometimes you just have to follow your instinct and see where they take you.

Seeing that you've been in the music game for over a decade, how has your sound changed and evolved with time? Can listeners track your growth through your discography?

I've had the pleasure of developing so many different skills. I used to be a terrible singer, but I was determined. I didn't always play guitar. I engineer my own records so that is a constant area of study. I rebranded in 2015 and began going by Cam Murdoch, but did release 4 mixtapes as Cello Kid / Cello Figaro. I contemplate taking the music down from time to time but think it's cool for fans to be able to dig and follow my entire journey. I still love a lot of those records and might get around to reworking some of them. The main differences in my sound now are that I'm much more concise and clear in my message, I don't really curse in my music, and I have just become more polished after all of the hard work put in. Even from my 2016 EP "I Love Me Too" to 2019's Paisley Album to "The Wave", you can observe leaps in growth, confidence, and self-love.


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