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Riese Kendrick Drops an Exhilarating and Modern Ballad With, "Mayday"

Hailing from Latham, N.Y., the up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist, rapper, and singer-songwriter Riese Kendrick releases an exceptional debut single with, "Mayday."

Known for his athleticism as well, Riese Kendrick pushes his musical career with a competitive and determined mentality that's garnered him the attention of indie labels like Grade A Productions (known for discovering the late Juice Wrld) and A&R's alike. Now releasing a stimulating debut single, "Mayday," Riese Kendrick is pushing forward by any means to achieve his deepest desires.

Expanding on Riese Kendrick's debut single, "Mayday," he brings us into a vibrant atmosphere through the song's gripping mid-tempo production and sonic portrayal of authentic emotions. Speaking on Riese Kendrick's performance, he brings us head over heels with each passionate lyric and bar that serves desire and intensity from all aspects.

Listening to "Mayday," the track opens with Riese Kendrick's brilliant vocal performance singing a romantic message towards someone that leaves Kendrick in awe. Within seconds of this powerful single, we're submerged into the sonic atmosphere with an array of beaming synths and crisp drum patterns.

About halfway through the track, Riese Kendrick displays his versatility through rapping a passionate verse surrounding someone so authentic and genuine in their ways, growing Kendrick's desire for this person significantly. We're genuinely surprised that this single is a debut, as Riese Kendrick has fueled this song with vast texture and depth, setting the bar for future singles to follow.

Get to know Riese Kendrick through the release of his debut hit, "Mayday," and don't miss out on what the Latham-based artist will conjure up next.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Mayday." Why did you choose this single to lead the way of your career?

Thank you, I chose Mayday as the track to go with for my debut single because, it was the first song that I had recorded with my team that I’m working with now so, I felt that it was only right for it to be my first release. What inspired the lyrical message behind your single "Mayday"? What was your songwriting process like when creating your lyrical content?

When I wrote ‘Mayday’ It was about a girl, I don’t really like relationships, I think I’m too young and I have other things to be focusing on, but this girl made me question that. Do I want a relationship? Am I in love? In hindsight, I was right, relationships, not really my thing. So, Mayday was written almost as a cry out for help. In the sense of this girl is making me want to disregard and throw away whatever it is I believe in and it’s working.

Did you team up with any producers to create your single "Mayday"? What was your recording and sonic creative process like for this track? Yeah, I’ve been working with the same producer for a while now, shoutout to my guy Dizz. ( @Dizzatu ). As far as recording, I wouldn’t really say I have a process. “Music doesn’t come from your mind, it comes from the soul.” So, I try not to think too much and just let it flow. How does your debut single "Mayday" help listeners get to know you better? Should we expect more upbeat and gripping singles like "Mayday" in the future? I mean essentially I was a kid who thought I was in love and I was having a tough time in this relationship. I grow every day as a person and I’m still learning about myself so, I feel like ‘Mayday’ is almost an invitation saying “Hey this is gonna be a crazy ride, buckle up.” And as far as new music to come in the future expect the unexpected. What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create? I want all the listeners to know that this is just the beginning. I see a barrier and my first question is, “How do I break it?” So, don’t try to put me in a box, don’t try to put me in one genre, like I said music comes from the soul and from raw emotion. We all have countless emotions.

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