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Rikan Hits the Ground Running in, "Stompin' In My Tims"

Rikan is an American Hip Hop artist who resides in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout his life, Rikan spent most of his time moving across the U.S. from New York to Oregon and parts in between.

Being seen as the outcast wherever he went, fitting in wasn’t always the case for him. Eventually, the strong personality of Rikan or Rikan Beastly was created to combat these concerns through Hip-hop music. A fortified savage, some words to define Rikan are extreme, raw, funny, and uncut, as he enters a scene where his next journey lies on the lines.

Heavy-hitting with his charismatic flows, Rikan radiates a confident dimension of energy in his latest hit, “Stompin’ In My Tims.” Overflowing with metaphors, the knack wordplay executed by Rikan showcases his boisterous essence in a way that is backed by undeniable talent.

Creating a vibrant atmosphere among the various avenues toured in this record, his buttery cadences collide with the instrumentation in a mesmerizing way. Upbeat and punchy with the bass, there’s a severe impact that rattles your home sound system as you turn the volume up to full blast and indulge yourself in the intensified ambiance of “Stompin’ In My Tims.”

This track embodies the finesse that is desired to deem a song a signature hit. With the hook feasting upon the repetition that drives home the thesis made apparent by the lyrical motifs etched throughout this piece, we can’t help but to spotlessly rap the words as if we were front row at a Rikan performance.

Projecting his personality in a way that establishes his talents on a spectrum of longevity, Rikan ushers us into his magnetic appeal, and carefully crafted approach when it comes to working his way to the top.

The overall energy delivered in “Stompin’ In My Tims,” is so cutting edge. We love it! In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

To me "Stompin' In My Tims" means fun, quirky, abstract, raw, and expression. The lyrics are fun, but also have a unique style that matches the music video's (directed by Byu Fujiki) abstract approach. The beat, produced by JTProductionz is raw, which matches the energy I can't ever seem to shut off. Together it all meshes well as a way to express my ways onto a track. I might have a different meaning in the future cause I always reevaluate more than I need to, but for now, that's how I feel. It definitely has a flavor I feel is missing in music currently.

Where did you obtain the inspiration for this track? What does it say about you as an artist?

I wrote this back in 2016 without a beat. I was inspired by Bobby Shmurda's song "Hot N***a" beat and some of the ways he tackled it. I was also inspired by all the NY Deadass memes and Timb memes floating all over the internet. Shit was too gold I kept laughing. Basically, I have a need to hear music and look at things of interest and use it to help inspire me when I can't on my own. Nothing I found was matching what I heard in my head though for the lyrics. So for 4 years, it was shelved until JT sent me an LP-size beat selection in 2020 and I found the one you hear now. It was perfect!

With each emcee being different, do you write your lyrics before hearing a beat, or do you prefer having a beat as your foundation? Could you please elaborate?

It's hard to answer this because I almost never have the same approach with my tracks. Sometimes I write notes on my phone (lots of page notes) or on paper and save them to use in the future, never at all, combine notes, or improve on them. Sometimes I can look at a tree and think, "iight boom let's talk about my issues with the world" or "damn this reminded me of the time I failed jumping a turnstile". Then the writing can be a chapter in minutes, or a line for an hour, vice versa, days even, then I severely edit or leave it. Other times I need a beat and the same shit happens haha. I can't elaborate I'm just all over, but I do know I need to have some mix of what I call zen mode (for now) and/or be hungry.

How does “Stompin’ In My Tims,” compare to other songs heard in your music catalog?

"Stompin' ln My Tims" is the most polished song I've made yet. From the mixdown, the production, to the video, it's all aesthetically sound. I was mixing down the vocals myself so the quality can be better. But as a broke, and solo independent artist who has to continuously make content, wear other hats, and plan every aspect from the song, recording, mixing, video if I got no one, and so on, this is a lot better than all my other songs. Not dissing the content of my catalog though there are really good tracks everyone should check out, I can say what I said with confidence.

What's next for you?

So much haha. I'm planning a collab remix to a track out called "Take Em Out" Featuring a dope artist named Eddie Ace with my guy Spaszi on the beat. At the same time, I'm setting up a shoot for my next single "Little Guy Big Problems". To add to that I'm planning out all my marketing and promos paid and unpaid on IndieAmplify, Spotify, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram posts for "Stompin In My Tims", contracting with BMI, etc. Whatever I gotta do to grow on a smart budget. I just wanna say thank you guys for this chance again!



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