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Rikke Embarks On “New Beginnings” In A Reflective 6-Track EP

Sharing her transformative journey from Normay is singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Rikke with her latest installment, a 6-track EP, 'New Beginnings.'

The new record marks a milestone for Rikke that celebrates her new musical era, moving forward from her former moniker as Rikke Normann. It's a complete rebirth that introduces her evolved self musically and lyrically, showcasing her journey of self-discovery through each heartfelt tune. 

While the EP features three original songs and three acoustic versions, one song needed its release. "Unafraid" by Rikke is her latest single and serves as a reminder to celebrate vulnerability and individuality. It's a stunning, hypnotizing song with Rikke's velvety vocals and calming electronic/alternative production. But the actual memorable points are her lyrics, representing her authentic and fearless approach to music that breaks free from traditional constraints.

If there's one thing to take away from "Unafraid," it's to embrace your true self and never fear embarking on a journey of self-discovery. You may become the version of yourself you always wanted to be. This song is a prime example of Rikke's unmatched artistic power, showcasing her changes while encouraging listeners to do the same.

The journey is still ongoing. Rikke's new EP, New Beginnings, is an extended deep-dive into her personal growth and transformation, kicking off with the intro and title track, "New Beginnings." With a groovy and upbeat alternative instrumental, Rikke jumps in and lets loose, cheers to new beginnings, and loses yourself in things that make you happy. She provides a needed reminder that failure is nothing more than a stepping stone to something better.

In the EP's second track, "Circles - Radio Edit," Rikke slows things down with placid piano keys and her chilling vocal melodies. While expressing the feeling of running in circles, looking for the right exit, she realizes that everyone needs to hear. Sometimes, we get so lost in our anger that we forget why we were mad in the first place. These circles have consequences, and in Rikke's words, all we can do is "sleep on it and count to ten, get some rest, and try again."

Landing on the EP's third track, "What Does It Matter," Rikke opens the song on a brighter, more upbeat note, with feel-good alternative instrumentals and her powerful lyrics. While discussing experiences like wondering what others think of you, Rikke asks, if you're happy, what does it matter anyway? This song feels like the end of a coming-of-age film, realizing that your happiness is what matters most.

While the EP's first half showcased three incredible and diverse tunes, the last half features acoustic versions of the first three songs. While "New Beginnings - Acoustic" has a special place in our hearts, thanks to Rikke's stunning and calming rendition that restores peace in our days, we can't help but gravitate to the emotional lullaby that is "Circles - Acoustic."

That rendition feels like a wise loved one serenading you with timeless advice, reminding you of your strength, authenticity, and inner power. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes, and we'd say the same for the EP's outro track, "What Does It Matter - Acoustic." Instead, this time, it's tears of joy. Rikke beautifully reminds us not to worry about what others think. If we're happy, that's all that matters, and that's something everyone needs to hear. 

Do yourself a favor and catch Rikke's transformative new single, "Unafraid," and the 6-track EP, New Beginnings, on all digital streaming platforms.


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