Rikke Normann Releases New Song "Oxygen"

Hailing all the way from Norway, Rikke Normann is the most well-respected singer and songwriter. She presents us with “Oxygen”, a chilled, mellow and subdued single with a slight sprinkle of delight adding the perfect musical blend. I like how this song is so multi-faceted it can really go either way. You can either listen to this single when you’re feeling down or even enjoy the tune when you’re more up-beat and content. The song is relaxing in general, it’s not one of those chaotic singles where your energy is just automatically put on 10 but it’s the perfect toned down jam that can place us in an atmosphere of serenity. Rikke’s voice alone is uplifting. She has a sense of joyfulness when she sings, and her tone is beautiful. I get lost in the music while listening to “Oxygen” because it’s so hypnotizing. I forget about reality and enter a dream-like mindset where my imagination, thoughts and feelings can just roam freely without interruption--unless I turn the song off of course. Rikke Normann did an exceptional job precisely creating a digestible hit with the correct amount of resonance and perpetual lyricism.

Listen to "Oxygen" here.

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