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Rikke Normann Unleashes Her Truth With New Album "35"

Rikke Normann released her dazzling album titled “35” with a collection of hit songs that all holds a memorable impact on its listeners. “35” begins with “I Belong” and I interpreted that this record was about the nomadic sense someone has to explore their future and fulfill their purpose in life, although being unsure of what to expect and what the upcoming has for her. However, she feels content in the comfort of someone in specific who makes her feel as if she’s going to be okay. “All I can see is, that you’re my home” the song is about warmth and compassion between two loved ones. Or can metaphorically represent her love for something else that brings her serenity. The next song “Fire” transitions in, adding that dark element to her album. The vocal resonance converses from a light and innocent melody to a more sassy and ferocious vocal tone and quality--especially during the climax belt which highlights the passion in the music a lot more. What turned me into a fan however was the third song on this album, “It’s Complicated.” For one, I love how Rikke is able to switch up her style and not stick in one plethora of music in every track because then she would become boring. However, this has a more rnb and soulful flare to the instrumental. But what I really liked most was how I was able to personally connect to the lyrics. The song discusses how sometimes life becomes complicated and confusing, yet we still know things are going to work itself out. I loved the message behind it, as well as the groovy beat.

The next song that transitions in is “Fragile” which was the dope collaboration between Rikke and Bernhoft. “We are so fragile in the way that we live.” Rikke continues to discuss for the people and the toxic mentalities we have that can destroy our own thinking when going for things that make us happy in life. She proves that her music lends as a helping hand with her next song “Oxygen” when she says “take my hand I’ll help you to your feet again, give you oxygen, to breathe.” You feel a sense of comfort as if Rikke is telling you personally that she is here for you and your mental state if you feel numb or down. The next song that transitions in the album is called All I Got”--it’s a more jazzy and groovy single compared to the songs prior. “You keep me on the brighter side of purple,” plays and I think the whole message of the song was to be more delightful and positive, obtaining a more charismatic aura about it. Rikke continues that positive and gleaming spirit with her next release titled “Birds,” and the tune was still blooming across the entire aesthetic of the album, which completely enthralled me with the joyful melody.“Sorry Bebe” took me for a surprise with the enticing introduction and the funky rock soul instrumental alongside Rikke’s beguiling vocal resonance. The song discusses about a breakup and how the girl is basically unbothered by the situation. “We grew apart, we grew apart from each other”-- it is the perfect song we can add to our playlists if we ever want to feel replenished after leaving a relationship that we no longer wanted!

In the ending of the album, the sensual and erotic single “Rip It Off” transitions in with a more sultry vibe and provocative lyrics that pushes the boundaries and exceeds her exploration of different characters throughout the entire project! In conclusion of this multifaceted album, “The Waiting Game” is the perfect closer to "35" and we can end off the magnificent versatile album with a song that discusses the patience and virtue our society is upholding at the moment. And in my opinion, that concept highlights the overview of “35”.

Download Rikke's album "35" on Spotify, and get to know the artist through our interview below!


Rikke when did you begin singing?

I don’t really remember when I began singing, but I remember that I started singing because I heard songs in my head. I needed to get them out of my head so I started singing and taught myself to play the piano. I think I have unknowingly always been a songwriter by heart.

How was the production process for “35” any struggling moments?

“35” is an album recorded live in the studio, and it has been the most pleasant recording process I have ever been in. I think it's because this kind of process fits my bubbly and sort of impatient personality, I like capturing moments and feelings, and sometimes find it hard to do over, or recall, a certain vibe. I am a live artist, so to record like this is where the gap between live performance and studio is the smallest. We did have some struggeling moments in the few add ons we did, but they were minor. Sometimes taking a little time to let things rest is all you need to resolve it. Not listening to the track for a while will most likely make you see what’s missing when you pick it up again. I think recording with the right band and producer, where everyone is on the same page, togehter with having songs that play well acoustically, makes a recording process go smoothly. Or maybe we just got lucky! haha ;-)

You explored different sets of mood throughout the album, which was your favorite and why?

My favorite on the album has changed many times already, but I always return to the last track on the album “waiting game” It feels very me in mood, a kind of patient impatience. This is what feels the most me. The song is complex, but then again not, it’s both dark and light, energetic and relaxed at the same time, full of contrasts.

How do you try channeling in the emotion for the specific song of your choice?

The songs and emotions usually come out together when I write them when they’re born. It all happens at the same time, the mood and emotions of the lyrics or melody will make me look for certain chords, either to contrast or emphasize what I want to express. 

Out of all the songs on “35” which do you believe holds the most impact and why?

I am currently on a quite large scale "living room" tour in Norway, with over 35 stops on the way, and I can already tell from the gigs I have had, and what my listeners say, that “Oxygen” is making an important difference in peoples lives. This makes me really happy because it’s a very special song to me, but it also has a very important message. Oxygen wants to help someone who find them in the darker corners of life, before it’s too late, and I want to make people aware and open their eyes to see if someone around them is hurting or in trouble. It’s so easy to miss or hide behind a perfect smile in this busy world we live in. 

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me besides finishing the release & “living room” tour I’m currently on, is starting to work on a new album!! :-D The songs are pouring out as always, and I am more restless than ever to get started on making new music. 7 new tracks are all ready to go, so lets press record! (also there will be more video’s, a live album and gig’ing! - oh, and a little vacation in there maybe ;-) 


Be sure to stay connected with Rikke through her website and socials:


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