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Rilëë Won’t Be Controlled In “Imma Head Out”

Californian-born pop artist Rilëë continues giving us her new vision of the genre in her empowering single “Imma Head Out.”

Rilëë is a singer and songwriter who channels the intense feelings of sad memories into music. She manages to make emotional and energizing songs that reflect her magnetic personality. Her mission is to give listeners an experience that would make them lose track of time, an escape from the heaviness of daily life through music.

Her new single “Imma Head Out,” produced by Tec Beatz, places you in a story where you recently met someone who tries to control you. But you won’t allow it, so you leave. “Imma Head Out” has a chilling ambiance and catchy instrumentals, making listening to it a pleasant experience while reminding you to care about your emotional health.

“Imma Head Out” welcomes you with an electric guitar playing relaxing chords as Rilëë starts singing. Just her and the guitar creates an intimate ambiance with a nostalgic sensation. Her vocals are tender and caress you with her sound. Then trap-like drums show up, refreshing the track and making you wave your head at the compass.

Rilëë manages to transmit the feelings of disappointment for a broken illusion. Still, “Imma Head Out” is about knowing your place and drawing a line. This song is a recharge of self-love and self-respect, the kind of work everyone should listen to once in a while. In that matter, “Imma Head Out” promises to become a favorite.

Get your dose of self-love by listening to “Imma Head Out.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rilëë, and congratulations on your latest release, "Imma Head Out." What is the story behind the lyrics of “Imma Head Out?”

Well, it's mainly about how much I hate getting hit on. Im a loner and don't really like sharing my energy with everyone. So most of the time, Im out. Many men will come up to me, and it's like, I REALLY DONT WANNA BE BOTHERED. I've learned that being a bitch doesn't work, so Imma Head Out is when I decide that I don't have to explain why I don't want to talk to a guy. Im just gonna get up and leave.

What was the most challenging moment of making “Imma Head Out?”

Finding a writer who understood how it feels to be the prey. Being a woman is hard because we’re the prey that has to be in defense mode to walk out the door constantly. Maya (Cowriter) is such a great visual empath. It took so much of me to explain how I felt, and I felt safe opening up to her.

Who would you especially like to listen to “Imma Head Out?”

Every single human, haha, Nah, but seriously…. Anyone who felt they were the prey or couldn't say no because they feared the outcome. You know when you decide to stand up for yourself. I don't have to sit here and talk to you. Imma head OUT, BRO.

Is there something you would like to say to your listeners before listening to “Imma Head Out?”

Smoke a joint or make a TikTok, haha.

What's next for you?

I'm working on some darker work that I want people to hear. I think I have such a bright energy people don't get to hear my dark side. After “Imma Head Out” runs its course, I'll peel back the layers with my next single.


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