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Rising Artist Joel David Gives Releases His New “borealis"

Joel David, an up-and-coming independent singer, songwriter, and producer, has been tenaciously honing his craft for years. With a passion for r&b and pop, he has spent countless hours perfecting his production, mixing, and mastering skills. Under the tutelage of professionals in the music industry, Joel has developed a uniquely melodic and percussive style. His love for the creative process is evident in his music, as he strives to create emotive and captivating pieces that resonate with listeners.

In 2018, Joel began his musical journey with electronic music in FL Studio. However, he transitioned to r&b/pop music in Logic Pro in 2022, marking a significant shift in his creative direction. His album, "Everything Is Just Imagination," is a heartfelt reflection on his personal evolution, showcasing his artistic growth. Recorded in his apartment in late 2022 and early 2023, the album's release is a monumental achievement in Joel's career.

"borealis," a standout track on the album, is a masterfully crafted song that explores themes of desire, self-discovery, and introspection.

The lyrics delve into the complexities of human emotion and the search for fulfillment as the protagonist grapples with longing for something seemingly unattainable. Joel's poetic lyricism is beautifully woven, painting vivid images of internal struggles and the pursuit of happiness.

The song's instrumentation is enchanting, with an intricate blend of r&b and pop influences. Joel's mellifluous voice effortlessly conveys the raw emotions expressed in the lyrics, while the underlying beat and harmonies create an ethereal soundscape that transports listeners to another realm. The song's structure ebbs and flows, reflecting the internal conflict in the lyrics and culminating in a powerful, introspective crescendo.

"borealis" is a stunning testament to Joel David's growth as a singer, songwriter, and producer. The track showcases his ability to weave emotive and evocative narratives through lyrics and music, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the r&b and pop realms. As listeners immerse themselves in the lush sonic landscape of "borealis," they will no doubt be eagerly anticipating what this promising artist has in store for the future.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Joel David. Congrats on letting it all out on "borealis" where you explore themes of longing and self-discovery. How did the concept for this song emerge, and what specific experiences or emotions inspired you to craft these poignant lyrics?

“borealis” is, on the surface, a song about wanting to see the northern lights. I hope to cross off this on my life bucket list someday. Unfortunately, people scout too many places to see the lights and sometimes never find them. On the other hand, some people not looking for the lights might see them from an airplane or somewhere where they aren’t typically seen. The central emotion of the track stems from the single idea: Am I chasing something I can’t find?” I only have a lifetime to find the things I desire, but what if they are out of my reach? What if I spend a lot of time searching for something that isn’t there? The numerous, looming questions throughout these lyrics mirror the echo chamber in my heart. Through writing this track, I have accepted that the grass may be greener on the other side; there will be things in life that we don’t have and may never have. It’s never wrong to crave these things. These feelings are important and unique to each of us. We all have deep and meaningful desires and aspirations that drive us. Longing for experiences gives our lives purpose. As the lyrics state, I can “create my own reality if I’m willing to make the move.” The instrumentation in "borealis" is a fascinating blend of r&b and pop influences. Can you elaborate on your creative process for choosing and arranging the various elements to complement the song's themes and lyrics?

I knew from the start that I wanted a clock ticking in the background of this track. This is an important piece representing a countdown—an existential timer, if you want to call it that. I only have a lifetime to find the things I desire, but what if they are things that I can’t find? What if I’m expending time on a lost cause or dead end? As for other production elements, I knew I wanted strong percussiveness and heavy bass. I’ve always attributed this to what the northern lights would sound like. One of my personal playlists on Spotify is called “aurora borealis” and pins down tracks that also mimic this sound. These beats and basses wonderfully complement the darkness and tone of the song as a whole. The vocal performance in "borealis" is captivating, with your voice effortlessly conveying the raw emotions expressed in the lyrics. How did you approach this particular vocal delivery, and were there any challenges you faced while recording?

The vocal delivery on this track is meant to convey the expression of hopefulness yet hopelessness. As the song builds into a climax, the questions are meant to become harsher, louder, and more desperate. This was, surprisingly, the most effortless vocal performance on my album. I had expected the delivery to take a lot longer on this track, but it flowed out of me so easily. I guess that because of how strongly the lyrics of this song resonate with me personally, it was an unexpectedly smooth recording session. As for general challenges, I recorded this album in my apartment. Managing was tricky, but I built a PVC pipe vocal booth to record. It’s all covered with blankets and currently sitting in my living room. The initial challenge of figuring out the best way to record was very difficult. “fabricate” was recorded without any vocal treatment, and “Turn to dust” was recorded in a treated closet. However, both had shortcomings in vocal quality. I knew I needed a more substantial area to record that didn’t involve my mic occasionally picking up outside noises like neighbours slamming their front door. Once I put this booth together, I knew I finally had something to work with. “borealis” was the second track I recorded in the homemade booth and the fourth one from the album. When finished with the vocals, I knew the booth would be a great recording setting for the remaining tracks on the record. "borealis" is just one of the many tracks on your album "Everything Is Just Imagination." Can you discuss this song's role in the album's overall narrative and how it contributes to the broader themes you explore throughout the record? I specifically chose “borealis” as the first full-length track on my album to help establish an overall tone. As my record focuses on love, longing, and change, “borealis” begins covering all these grounds. The borealis is loved from a distance and longed for, and a change is needed to reach it. Further, the lyrics in the track open up the conversation for more than just the northern lights. By stating, “Can I crave what I don’t have and still not feel my life’s imbalance? You’re the only thing I’m longing for, but is it you or the borealis?”, I can convey the fight for balance in a variety of different areas in life. The longing for love, for example, is seen in “fabricate.” In that track, the lyrics are about being dangerously close to the pure love that isn’t artificial. In the “waiting room,” the desire for the future is contemplated with a focus on the necessities, yet redundancies of both change and stagnancy. In the outro of “borealis,” the fight for balance in these aspects of life is established through what I have and need. The track finishes with a dark and bass-heavy cycle of spoken word, “seeing, falling for it, fighting for it, got it, need it, see it.” Given the powerful impact of "borealis" on your listeners, what can we expect from your future musical endeavours? Are there any specific themes, styles, or artistic collaborations you want to explore in your upcoming projects? A few of my current musical inspirations are Tinashe, Summer Walker, and Kehlani. I would love to create genre-bending work that fuses together r&b, pop, and trap with a jazz influence. As of the near future, I’m interested in collaborating with artists that embody these artists and these styles. I may explore themes of self-discovery, self-love, and confidence later. I also have a passion for music production, mixing, and mastering. I’d love to explore these endeavours with other passionate musicians to grow my connections and overall scope/knowledge of the industry. I could also feel my songwriting ability strengthening across the creation of this record. I hope to explore that area of my mind and write lyrics that provoke emotion among my listeners. Finally, I’m also interested in performing live. It isn’t something I’ve ever done before, but I’d love to establish myself in that area sometime in the future.


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