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Rising Entrepreneur Releases Newest Single “He Be On”

Calling Springfield Illinois his hometown, and Houston Texas his playground, yet being birthed in Minnesota, Roo grew up street influenced as a young child surrounded by various negative influences. Growing up served as the base for the finishing product of Roo today. With enough arrest on drugs, and gun charges, he brings a new flavor to simply being just "street”, solidifying his authenticity.

Roo released his single “He Be On” which begins with a lively, symphonic beat that isn’t typically the norm for an introduction to a rap record! The melodious and monophonic undertones in his rap flow was highly neat and dope to hear. After the first verse of delivering bars, Roo completely surprises you with a smooth-sailing RnB vocal delivery that showcases his caliber in singing. Roo had an infectious vocal tone that flowed fluently above the melodic hook. His musicality as an artist just pops out to you while listening. You can also context that Roo is passionate about his music, his lyrics seemed to have came from a place of raw and bonafide true songwriting. Just another level to this authentic nature. Roo has a quality to him that is distinguishable on its own. A very solid wordplay with a touch of that midwestern, southern swang has the right amount of kick to his artistry. With his very own shoe-line out, this young business tycoon is somebody to be on the lookout for this 2019 year!

Give a listen to Roo's "He Be On" here, and scroll below for the artists interview!


How has your upbringing and background impacted your style of music?

Well, I can’t speak bad on my upbringing I had it better than most I guess but my daddy was a Gangster tho so naturally its in me but I had a big part trying to keep me from it. I kinda put my self thru more than I would have went through listening to somebody lol. But I guess the hustle and the trap kind of called out to me so naturally thats where all my experiences come from. I have never worked a job longer than 3 months in my life so literally thats all I have experience wise to draw on is street shit, and I guess it comes out in many ways and forms lol.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge was myself. I hindered a lot of my own progress by not focusing. Im too busy hustlin and in these streets I never really took much beyond that serious. When I finally did tho I guess that was really it for that cause I don’t have those issues that other artist do cause I do EVERYTHING myself. I didn’t have a studio or engineer so I bought my own equipment and learned to do it myself. I aint have a videographer to shoot my videos so I got my own and shot my own by my damn self. Thats the fun part of this shit to me is that I can literally do what the hell I want to and can’t no label say no can’t no A&R tell me I gotta do this and that. Which leaves me one challenge, and thats getting heard and getting my music out there. Thats the one obstacle im not over yet. All I need to be is heard and the rest I believe will fall right into place once I get the right ears tuned to what I'm saying.

Tell us about “He Be On” and the meaning behind it?

Its more or less about the pleasures of hustling lol, the type of shit I be on lol…funny thing, I wrote that song and really wasn’t intending to sing the hook, I wrote it and the way it sounded in my head rapping it wasn’t how it sounded when I recorded it lol. So I immediately didn’t like it lol. I smoked a blunt and was goofing off and was jus playin like and sang the hook like I did and the homie was like “aye!!! Go record that shit on there before u forget the harmony”. And one take and it was laid then the whole song jus kinda meshed after that.

What inspired you to write “He Be On” ?

It was the beat really lol ShoutsOut to Downtown Music Productions, my boy delivered on some work! and me being the guy I am I know what to do with a good cook up.

Tell us about this upcoming summer and the exciting goals you’re anticipating on achieving!

Im hoping to get my buzz going and get this music heard, really thats my only priority. The music comes to me when I'm inspired so I dot sweat it like that, I have plenty to do. My shoe line TioMani Footwear are available now so hit up my instagram page for links. Im hoping to take summer’19 and make it an entry to a new phase of life, success!


Stay connected with Roo via the artists Instagram!


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