Rising Hip Hop Artist Charlie Mayne Releases New Single and Music Video "Lately"

A rising hip-hop artist from Southern California, Charlie Mayne released his single "Lately" and it was nothing but straight fire! Charlie has that underground rap sound which is authentic and perfect for any upcoming rapper to have. It’s the hunger, drive and determination in not only themselves but in the artistry, lyricism and work that they put out. Charlie Mayne even felt himself that he had the talent most people in his area also recognized that helped him give him that intuition that he will be something big one day. Years later, he is now on the east coast where hip hop was born, making music with a team of very talented individuals. His single "Lately" is a product of real underground rap that has the elements of great lyricists and classic bars. His music video kind of displayed the “talented and on the rise new rapper” aesthetic as you can tell it wasn’t the best visuals but it was perfect for the vibe of the song. It’s a struggle for new artists and especially indie artists to create perfect content that fits the standards of most music videos we’re use to seeing but Charlie released a seemingly raw display of rap roots. That’s why I’m personally a fan of his because it’s became a trend for newer rappers to mimic those in the industry already as a quick come up instead of sticking to their individualistic characteristics and brand the way Charlie was able to do effortlessly. I also like how his lyrics kind of embodies his passion and hunger he has for success. It’s really cool that you’re able to relate to him while listening to this song and watching the video. I’d definitely be on the lookout for Charlie Mayne because I doubt this is the last time you’ll hear his name! Go check out "Lately" and get in the feels of true underground rap, rawness and talent.

Connect with Charlie Mayne on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/therealcharlie_mayne

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/charlie-atkins-1/chyse-look-what-you-started

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqxbk7r-Fcw