Rising Star Maxwell Aden Releases New Song "Heartbeat"

After amassing 20,000 monthly listeners and 50,000 plays in just two weeks, Maxwell Aden is beginning to blow up. There’s not a lot out about Maxwell Aden, other than the fact his single, "Heartbeat" may be one of the hottest songs dropped this past summer. After speaking with the talented young singer, we learned some inspiring details.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Maxwell Aden, was living in his buddy’s apartment at the time, where he recorded the song in his bedroom. Discovering part of the beat online, he wrote and tracked the song in a matter of hours.

Months later, Maxwell Aden was faced with a life-altering event; one that drastically changed the course of his life. At that time he had uncertain intentions of releasing the record However, in a matter of days following the crisis, Heartbeat was introduced to industry legend RAab Stevenson - vocal producer and coach of Timberlake, Rihanna, Pharrell, and many more. The next thing he knew, Maxwell Aden was on a flight to L.A. to work with two-time Grammy-winning mixer, Jordan Stilwell, of The Chainsmokers. The duo, unbridled with energy, finished the record shortly upon arrival.

It seems that Maxwell has been put on from the start. One thing is for sure, Maxwell Aden may be the freshest talent Atlanta has seen in years.

Maxwell Aden, is the fresh new artist hailing from Atlanta, GA. Raised on Outcast, 2000’s boy bands, and Usher, he cut his teeth on 808’s that come naturally in his part of the world. This gives his music the ability to mix the kind of Platinum hooks that get stuck in millions of ears at once with the grit and immediacy of hip-hop, which makes for an unbeatable and commercial sound.

Aden’s first single “Heartbeat,” is a fine introduction to his world of melody and groove for fans. Influences can be heard of iconic Artists like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Adam Levine, and Usher but Aden never imitates and the track proves his skills can compete with the very best in the game.

From a broke college kid, living in his buddy’s apartment recording demo’s in his bedroom, to a co-sign by industry Legend RAab Stevenson – coach and producer for Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Dave Mathews, more. – he is blowing up and those in the know expect Maxwell Aden to see a whole stadium full of smiles looking back at him in the near future.

Listen to "Heartbeat".

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