Rising Star: Catherine Quirico Releases Heartfelt Single "Dear Self"

Catherine Quirico, an amazing singer at such a young age has released a beautiful melodic song. "Dear Self" is a metaphoric representation of her diary that she use to write in when she was young. "Dear Self" is a compelling and powerful emotional song that Catherine Quirico writes to herself and to her listeners that can relate to. Depression has statistically been increasing all over the world, specially now in the younger generation. A lot of people resort to music as an escape for their feelings and thoughts. "Dear Self" is one of those songs that can really express what you’re struggling with or feeling. The song is extremely self-motivated and prepossessing.

To be so young, Catherine Quirico has great tone and full range that is showcased throughout her music. What I enjoy most about this song is its authenticity. It’s just an honest reflection of the artist true feelings. She pours her heart out and you can feel the passion and warmth in her voice. Catherine Quirico is a very strategical lyricist and to be so talented in evoking emotion is going to be her secret weapon that will surely carry her far in the industry. The background instrumental was really nice and relaxing. It was the perfect support for her full toned voice. The entire song gives off a really bonafide and veritable aesthetic. Catherine Quirico being a natural empathetic individual, she allowed herself to share her daily struggle and deepest darkest moments with you through this song. Listen to the sincerity presented in her voice and in the single "Dear Self".

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