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Rivessi Is Bringing That Summer Beat, “Make Me Feel”

Rivessi, a producer from London, England, is gaining World stage recognition for his ability to mix and produce electrifying house beats. "Make Me Feel" is his latest track that is sending a shock wave through the industry, captivating his audience with the sound of summer.

Daniel Clarke, better known by his alias Revessi, is a 21-year-old producer born and raised in London, England. His passion for music resonates with him and can be easily heard through every beat he creates. Revessi is also a renowned digital marketer assisting other artists in enhancing their careers, which has helped him amass a substantial social following (160 000). By taking his background within the industry and love for creating music, he formed his own label company called "Zyron Music," and in November 2021, he dropped his first classic piano house track, "How You Control It." The success carried into 2022, joining forces with good friend C.M.F collaborating to produce "Thinking Of You," which garnered over 140 000 views worldwide. His First label deal was with "Vibing Deep," a song collaborated with Brøder called "Without Your Love." The future looks bright for young Revessi as he continues to dial up fire tracks.

"Make Me Feel" is that energizing club banger that we all long for; this song will have you vibing as you find yourself in sync with the beat. This song mixes old-school "house" and his unique touch to bring "Make Me Feel" to life. Revessi, aka Daniel Clarke, has produced a soon-to-be classic.

The fusion between the beat and vocals is exhilarating; as you get lost in a trance, you will want to find a dance floor. "Make Me Feel" has the makeup to be a classic summer banger with a consistent sound throughout. Where is the repeat button?

Rivessi uses a unique blend between classic "house" and his style to create something pure and different. You can feel the love he pours into his music from start to finish, "Make Me Feel" might just be that summer classic we talk about ten years down the road.

Rivessi is leaving his mark on the map with "Make Me Feel," an inspiring summer beat.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rivessi, and congratulations on your latest release, "Make Me Feel." What producer or artist did you first want to emulate when you started to make music?

I first fell in love with selected artists on the label, such as Yuma., Dillistone, and Jacala. I loved their style of deep house and how warm and smooth their tracks sounded.

What kind of vibe were you trying to create with "Make Me Feel?"

With "Make me feel," we wanted to go for something quite unique. The various pluck sounds created quite an immersive and atmospheric vibe in the chorus, with the vocal chops supporting that.

If you could play at any venue, where would it be and why?

I would love to play Creamfields because it's probably the biggest dance music festival in the UK.

Is there anyone you want to collaborate with? Is there something in the mix?

I would love to collab with Kream. I love their style of tech house, and their remixes are amazing. I do have a collab in the works with Blue My Mind. Looking forward to the outcome of that.

What's next for you?

Next, I would love to work on my debut EP. I'm going for quite a chill melodic vibe for this EP which I love. Hopefully, people will enjoy the experience I'm hoping to create.


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