RiZ Works Hard to Make Himself an, "iKon"

RiZ is an upcoming artist born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA. Beginning his artistic journey by rapping throughout his high school years, it wasn’t until he was accepted into Penn State University where he would decide to take his childhood hobby and make it a solo career.

Honing in on his brand iKonBy25, RiZ has aimed to continuously put on shows for upcoming artists that are breaking into the music industry. Taking this opportunity to showcase his talents alongside theirs, RiZ is focused on organically delivering his versatility.

Eager to introduce a collection of five tracks that are sure to get stuck in your mind, RiZ presents the enticing sounds of his latest project, 'iKon. Beginning with the braggadocious introductory single, “Rollin (Ooh),” we immediately get to tap into the surplus of confidence that runs through the veins of his artistic being. Through an atmospheric instrumental that places great emphasis on the enticing hi-hats and mechanical drum patterns, RiZ conveys an array of cadences that are slicker than the former. Using this initial moment to bring listeners into his unmatched swagger, and introduce them to everything he embodies as a creative, we’re hooked on the irrefutable vigor that he serves to us on a silver platter.

Second, on the tracklist, we have the Hip-hop driven resonance of “Back In My Bag.” Continuing the upbeat vibrations that strike a sense of urgency through the speakers, RiZ applies a different type of pressure in the way he showcases the hunger in his vocalization. Playing upon the buoyant wave of the musical canvas, the punchy rhyme schemes and effervescent swing of his lyrical dexterity take the helm and steer us into a high octane performance that’s memorability sits at the top of our radar.

As we take the full plunge into RiZ’s artistic lane of creativity, we notice just how well-rounded he is at navigating his way around the new wave of Hip-hop. The lead single from 'iKon' is titled “Faucet,” and although the darker sounds that are etched into the instrumentation take a drill-inspired turn, we still hear the prominence of the style RiZ is known for. Switching up the vibe and delivering us something that we wouldn’t expect with the way the project is advancing, we’re grateful for the awestruck moment that comes from listening to “Faucet.”