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Robert O’Connor Dedicates “River” to the Less Fortunate this Christmas Season!

Robert O’Connor is an artist from Dublin, Ireland who has a heart of gold and is very empathetic toward the less fortunate during the holiday season. “River” is a smooth song musically and is accompanied by the also easy digesting voice of Robert O’Connor. The song sets out on a mission to remind us of the less fortunate lyrically and also showcases how big Robert’s heart actually is. A lot of artists write about how they feel alone on Christmas, or being with loved ones.

This song makes you think about the ones who have nothing during the holidays and inspires us to remember the true meaning of Christmas. The song is backed by light drums and other light instrumentation, giving more space for Robert to get his point across in his stunning vocal performance and lyrical message. Melody wise, it is truly infectious and after a while of the song being done, this is still dancing at the front and centre of your ears. Make sure you give a warm listen to Robert O’Conner’s “River” this holiday season and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Think about how your actions have impact and how you can give back to the people in need. 

Give a listen to "River" here!


Thanks for being here with us at Buzz Music, Robert! “River” certainly pulls on our heartstrings during the holiday season. Why was it important for you to write this song?

This is actually a cover version, I wish I wrote it! A lot of people didn’t know the song when I first played it for them, but it’s a Joni Mitchell song from 1971. It’s been covered many times over the years but I have always wanted to make a version of it that didn’t feel like a direct karaoke copy — I wanted to bring it into the same sonic environment as the rest of my own original music — and luckily I was able to achieve that working with my producer Stuart Gray. There's a starkness to the production that I feel really mirrors the lyrics. Taking the piano from the original out on my version gave it a certain hollowness, which I think really works on an emotional level.

How do you personally try and act/ give back during this time of year?

I would love to do more charity work. I actually considered making this a charity single but the logistics of making it happen and the timing just didn’t match up. On a personal level I think it’s important to have empathy all of the time, but particularly at this time of year when people really struggle — because there’s a consciousness that they should feel happy, and if they don’t, it feels like a shortcoming. Small acts of kindness go a long way, you never know what it can mean to someone who’s having a bad day. On a materialistic level I also love to shop for family and friends at Christmas, they act giving gives me more pleasure than receiving!

Speaking to your vocals, you are very talented. How long have you been singing for and have you had training?  Thank you! I am not an extravagant singer, I always felt I had a simple voice — but that can lend itself well to country and pop, and storytelling type songs. I had some voice training when I was about 18 for a short time, because before that I wasn’t sure if I could sing or not, but something inside of me felt that it was something I wanted to pursue. 

If you could have one wish this holiday season, what would it be?

Selfishly, for me? I’d love to finally have a breakthrough and have one of my songs trend — sometimes as an independent artist you feel invisible and like you’re on the outside looking in. I’m not even looking for mass popularity, I’d just love for my music for find a niche audience.

Any last words for people listening and reading?

Follow me on Spotify. I make a killer playlist — I’ve country, EDM, alternative Christmas playlists — I love discovering and sharing new and under the radar artists with my followers. There’s so much you’re not hearing on the radio, the best stuff actually. If you really think that Ed Sheeran of George Ezra is as good as it gets, like mainstream media tells us, you‘re missing out on so much more!



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