Rock Mayfield Dives Deep Into His Brand New Song "Invisible"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rock Mayfield! Through all the trials and tribulations you’ve gone through in life, in what ways has music served as an outlet for you? Did these many experiences help cultivate your style?

Music's always been my way to get my emotions or whatever is bothering me off my chest. My music is my therapy, it's a cathartic experience sometimes. I always write my songs from reality or personal experiences, so yes definitely the many personal experiences I've been through in life cultivated my style. Thanks for asking.

How do you manage to incorporate your influences like Tupac, The Game, T.I, and Eminem while still cultivating your sound?

Through storytelling telling from my real-life experiences as they do. I love Eminem, Tupac, The Game, and T.I. for those reasons. They rap with so much conviction and passion. When Game would talk about gangbanging he rapped about it with so much conviction that you thought he was gonna come out of your speakers or headphones with an AK-47 or a Tommy Gun and put it to your head and kill you. For example, he has a line in his song "The City" featuring Kendrick Lamar where The Game says

"you come at me

Then I can split you with this Tommy gun

You won't have no time to run

I'm from the Compton slums, and that's how the West ride

I'm from the city where two of the best died

Rest in peace to both of 'em, spit like I'm the ghost of 'em

Damn, I said I spit like I'm the ghost of 'em

Name your top 10, I'm harder than the most of 'em

Matter of fact, shorten your list, top 5

The game, Biggie, Hov… probably Pac, Nas

No particular order, bet a mill' that I slaughter"

The Game is just one of rappers that spits with conviction and is honest in his music. And that's why he's in my top 5 for emcees. I'd call Game the black Eminem. He's one of those rappers that you don't want beef with just like you don't want any beef with Eminem because Eminem will destroy you. Even The Game admitted and said in an interview he said when he and 50 Cent we're beefing he made sure he stayed clear of the white boy because Eminem will slaughter you. I love Eminem too. I can't praise him enough without Eminem and Tupac I wouldn't be rapping. For me, it's about showing respect to your peers. I love and respect the ones who came before me and paid the way. "Who's house? Runs house!" Respect your peers yo.

Your song “Invisible” was a powerful masterpiece. How challenging was it for you to create this? Does the lyric speak from personal experience?

It reminded me of when I wrote "Redemption." Because I kinda didn't want to write it like I did when I wrote "Redemption" but I wrote "Invisible" anyways. I remember when I first got the beat and started crying when I was listening to it. Then I cried when I wrote some of the words for the verses. The writing process was hard. The recording process was even harder emotion wise. I remember craving a handful of my meds again while recording it just to help me get through the recording process. But I didn't take any because I had told my mom to hide them from me or I was going to abuse again. I remember lying in music interviewers and independent Hip-Hop magazines about my mental health. When I was going through what I was going through in "Invisible" my song with Bizarre from D12 was out and I'd be asked about how my mental health was because of my song "Redemption" and I'd lie because I didn't want people to know I was in a dark place and that I was battling something. My song with Bizarre had gotten on Hood Illustrated which is a major Hip-Hop blog in the midwest. And I'm as empty as ever in tears because of how dark it was for me during that time. I wanted to set myself on fire. It didn't matter to me how good the song with Bizarre was doing promo wise or how many new Spotify followers I got. I was in a too dark state of mind then. Like I said in the first verse of "Invisible" I did sleep with a knife at my bedside so I could wake up and cut myself and I did google how long it would take to die so I could hang myself. But with the right therapy and support and music by my side, I was able to break through it.

What’s the message you hope your listener gain from “Invisible” Rock Mayfield?

That you're not alone in your fight. Regardless of what your battle is. Even if you fall and slip back into old bad habits as I did with self-harm after 10 years of not self-harming then falling back into it as I did. But now I'm doing better regarding that.

What can we expect from you throughout 2020?

A lot more music. I'm currently working on a song right now that I'm writing. Also R.I.P Juice Wrld and Pop Smoke.