Rock Mayfield Is All About Integrity With His Music

Rock Mayfield is a storyteller that currently resides in Burlington, Wisconsin. Being exposed to a variety of hardships early on in life, Rock Mayfield has endured a surplus of personal and vulnerable experiences that make him the type of artist he is today. The narratives that Rock Mayfield shares with listeners is raw and honest. He aims to be completely transparent with his listeners and his music is there to prove it. 

Rock Mayfield has always been the type of artist to use music as a means to communicate his inner emotionality and/or ideas. Whatever Rock Mayfield is going through, music has been and always will be the outlet. No matter how difficult the topic is, Rock Mayfield is the kind of artist to display it and communicate his endeavors in any way possible. This is what ultimately draws us to the music of Rock Mayfield--we know that it's real, it's full of sentiment, and it tells the story of an authentic individual. At the end of the day, that's all we really need in a Hip/Hop track (besides the catchy beat, but Rock Mayfield had that down a while ago). Rock Mayfield continues to be inspiring with his message and overall goals, making us stoked for whichever music the artist will release next.

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