Rock Mayfield Releases Moving Song "Redemption"

Rock Mayfield releases a sensitive and dark single alongside a light alternative rock instrumental to complement the lyricism. The song titled “Redemption” is an emotional tune that covers all Rock Mayfield’s personal thoughts and feelings regarding his depression. Consider this song as a “personal diary” that Rock Mayfield grants access to his listeners to musically read with their ears. The hard-hitting and bold lyricism that conveys in authentic nature makes “Redemption” special. The lyrics are bashful and immensely intimate to the artist. There are moments in the song -- actually quite a few moments in the song where you’re taken back by the raw and intense subjective lyrics. However, I’d be perfidious if I vocalized his authenticity wasn’t my favorable trait of his artistry and his music. Rock Mayfield took a courageous approach and it will progress to become a noteworthy and remarkable element of his brand that will indeed carry him far in the industry. If you ever been in awe with the unvarnished music that’s rarely broadcast today, then you will want to check out Rock Mayfield’s single “Redemption” and connect with this promising storyteller on social media.

Listen Rock Mayfield's single "Redemption" available now and enjoy our exclusive interview!

Mind introducing yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

My name is Rock Mayfield and I'm a actor/rapper from Racine to Burlington, Wisconsin aka Wicked Wiskullsin! I came up with the artist name "Rock Mayfield" a year after my Dad passed away after a bitter fall out I had with a producer who told me that if I kept rapping I'd be the wackest rapper in the world. The origin of the word "Rock" in my artist name is in honor of my Dad because that was the nickname every one called him. Because he had a little cousin who couldn't say his real name which was Rodney so when she would try to say Rodney it would come out as Rocky so his family and friends called him Rocky. He later changed it to Rock as he got older. And Mayfield is my real last name. And no I'm not related to music legend Curtis Mayfield or the quarterback from the Cleveland Browns lol. Funny story during the beginning of my senior year of high school. I was in Science class with Mr. Hendricks and he was teaching about rocks and different kinds of rocks and I got up and walked out of his class because I was having a moment grieving moment from losing my Dad. I wasn't crying I was just having moment that comes with the angry side of grief. I walked out of his class and told myself this is absolutely stupid I'm interested in rocks I don't care how many different kinds of rocks their are. I'm not going to be a scientist after high school or have anything to do with rock's in my career. But a year later after I graduated high school my rap name became "Rock" Mayfield. I think the jokes on me.

“Redemption” is a beautiful and passionate song, would you consider the lyrics a direct reflection of your feelings?

Yes mostly definitely! Especially with the chorus of the song. And then especially in the sense of that's how I really felt when I was going through that dark time period in my life you know? In that time period I just wanted to die so bad. I hated being alive and I hated life. I just wanted to blow my brains out. I was in a really dark place then.

Do you think your ability to convey your personal feelings towards your listeners would be beneficial in connecting with your audience and bridging that gap between fan and artist?

Yes! I really do. Even when it's extremely hard. Vulnerability and just being 100% real is key. Because your able to show your fan's who are going through the same situation that your personally going through yourself. That their 100% not alone in that situation and in that aspect alone theirs hope. Because at the end of the day were ALL facing and fighting a battle that nobody knows about.

During the songwriting portion of “Redemption” have you ever felt reluctant to go so in depth? Or were you ready to let it all out on the table?

Yes!! I'm actually you guys asked me that. I was extremely reluctant during the songwriting process of "Redemption." Even recording it was really extremely hard. Because of how extremely personal and sensitive the subject manner of the song was. Still to this day there's times where I still feel reluctant about certain songs I write but I force myself to write them anyways. Granted I wrote "Redemption" a year later after I went through what I went through in that song. I remember not even wanting to write Redemption at first because I knew how deep I had to go inside my heart in order to pull all of those emotions and words out of me. Granted I had found my healing by time I wrote that song. But at the same time it was still uncomfortable for me. Especially being a black man and being honest and open about going through self harm and attempting suicide. Because of how extremely taboo those two topics are in the black and even the Latino/ Hispanic community. I can only imagine how Biggie smalls felt when he wrote and recorded "Suicidal Thoughts" or how Tupac felt when he would be real and open about being suicidal. What gave me the confidence to write that Redemption is knowing that their's some one out their who's going through a similar situation and if I can help and reach people with my story then so be it. People need to know so badly that their not alone and that sometimes in order to become strong you have to admit that your weak.

How would you describe your musical style and why?

That's kind of a hard question to answer because that's something even I ask myself at times. Because even though I'm a rapper I mix a lot of other genres with my music such as Rock music. So probably Alternative or Rap Rock. I remember when I decided that I wanted to mix Rock and Hip-Hop together for my signature sound. I was in guitar class my senior year of high school with Mr.G. It was my first time taking guitar class it was literally right after my Dad passed away from a heart attack. It was the last class of the day and it was really hot outside and I was still really early in the grieving process. I just strummed the guitar once and as soon as I strummed the guitar strings I felt this internal peace from the waves of the guitar strings so much that I got goosebumps. For a moment it took the pain away that I was feeling from losing my Dad. So I told myself that's how I want to make people feel when they hear my music.

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