Rock Mayfield’s Powerful Songwriting Moves You in the Vulnerable Release of “Invisible”

Rock Mayfield is a lyrical storyteller who shocked us when he released the hard-hitting single “Invisible”. “Invisible” was an emotionally heart-rending song that demonstrated his deep vulnerability and capability to unveil his unguarded feelings. “Invisible” is a song that can touch many people since the meaning is so strong and relatable to many. Unfortunately, a significant amount of people suffer through their own pain with minimal support systems. This what makes “Invisible” so powerful for a song. Rock Mayfield opens a musical outlet for people to connect. “Invisible” had such a strong message that was not only personable but it is raw. The bravery in the songwriting captivated us and upheld newfound respect for Rock Mayfield as an artist. In our opinion, it is what music is all about—connecting with your audience by not only appealing to their emotions but enticing us with a true story. Rock Mayfield is determined to be a voice for those unwilling to speak for themselves, and through his in-depth music, this is a high probability that he can achieve this goal. The melodic and soft beat helped serve the foundation for the emotion in “Invisible” to be stronger and to cultivate. Listen to “Invisible” by Rock Mayfield here.