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Rock To Some Real Hip-Hop With Marcus Alland’s New Single “Forza”

Marcus Alland is a talented hip-hop artist from Queens, New York. He was inspired by music at the young age of 14 when he would sing in his church choir. As a skilled vocalist and creative thinker, Marcus began writing rap lyrics and performing them for his peers when he was 16. He gained the confidence to perform at open mic nights and this helped him realize his passion. Marcus realized early in his pursuit of success that it cannot be rushed and must be earned. He put in the hard work which eventually led to the release of his first original mixtape single “Come Alive”. Now back again with his second release and working hard on his debut album, stay on the lookout for Marcus Alland.

“Forza” is Marcus’ second single off of his original mixtape. Bumping this track ignites a fire in me and gets me stoked for REAL hip-hop. Marcus Alland has a flow that reminds me of Tyga, but his style and lyrics are uncomparable. He’s got the talent and ear for savory beats to excel in this game. The single “Forza” that reeks of self confidence is about Marcus’ journey to the top, speeding by the same-old mainstream sound on his way up. His energy truly shines in this introspective track that lets us explore Marcus’ fraught journey to the top of the charts. “I’m lookin’ right, my fanbase bout to look massive” is my favorite lyric because Marcus Alland knows who he is and who he will become in his launch in the hip-hop industry. I have high hopes that his debut album will reinforce the incredible buzz he’s set off so far.

Check out “Forza” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Marcus Alland.


Connect with Forza via the artist social media:

Hey Marcus! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?

Well, I was born in Queens, NY but raised in Prince Goerge's County, Maryland. The arts, especially music, is what really interests me and want to make it into a long-lasting career. I'm a laid back, goofy, kind of guy. Very sociable and real to next person. My goal is to show the world who I am and my journey in life through my music. I want to be able to be relatable and real to the ears that listen to my art.

Love this track “Forza”. Can you explain the writing process and any challenges you faced along the way?

The idea of "Forza" honestly came from me looking at cars from a game called "Forza Horizon 4" and was listening to beats at the same time. And sometimes I have this thing where in anything I do, I listen to beats as well. Like while I'm driving I have beats playing or if I'm out and about with earbuds I'm listening to beats too. So I based the song on me getting to the goal of my career in reference to cars, which was fun to do.

What would be your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be to collab with H.E.R and Kendrick Lamar on a song. Kendrick Lamar has been my inspiration since I've started rapping. And H.E.R is honestly my top favorite female singer of my generation.

What do you think sets you apart from other hip-hop artists?

I think what sets me apart from other artists is my vulnerability and how open I am to express in my music and you'll get to see that more in future records to come. I try to put all of the real energy and emotion that I feel at that moment into my lyrics. Whether it be happy, sad, anger, etc, it's all going to be there.

When can we expect your debut album to drop?

We've been putting in work and grind in but my album is almost done, so you can expect a release date pretty soon.



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