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ROCKET Takes Off With Witty New Single, "SuperHero"

With enthralling exuberance and fiery authenticity, Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock/Pop Punk band ROCKET is propelled with perseverance and purpose.

A propulsive rhythm section, a dual guitar attack, and front and center, the vivacious bravado and electrifying vocals of frontwoman Janelle Barreto have this band dedicated to the purest concept of how a band and an audience can inspire each other, ROCKET radiates electric energy for their community of listeners.

“SuperHero,” is the latest single to come from ROCKET’s music catalog, and we have to admit that this song takes us through a seamless blend of heavy-hitting and entrancing elements that shape our perception.

With a dark, yet chiming instrumentation to sweep you off your feet, the universe that protrudes through the various layers of rhythm speaks into reminiscent psychedelic tenors. There’s an authoritative pull that the lead vocals embody as Janelle Barreto performs powerfully as she cascades across this elusive playing field of lush guitar riffs that seem to just take control over your very being.

As we admire the multidimensional force field that is “SuperHero,” we take in the descriptive motifs as they leave us with vivid imagery to reinforce the power hailing from this record. We’re fully captivated by just how lucid ROCKET is when it comes to transitioning the canvas of our mind into a representation of exactly what they set out to do.

As lyrical motifs like, ‘With his cape of gold and boots of silver, he started saving souls,’ transpire into brilliant visions of interpretation, ROCKET has us cemented in the themes that they cinematically bring to life via sonic exploration.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ROCKET. Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “SuperHero.” With such descriptive lyrics that make us feel as if we have a movie right in front of us, what is the meaning that you’ve laced into this song?

“SuperHero” was written in honor of one of the greatest lead vocalists of all time, Chris Cornell. Around the same time of his tragic death, we had lost several other influential people like Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, Stone Temple Pilot’s Scott Weiland, and even other non-musical greats like celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade. “SuperHero” is a musical homage to these super talented creatives and others historically like them (e.g. Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix), who were able to impact and move entire generations of people, while obviously struggling with their own demons. The song is a capturing of this very common human phenomenon in art, music, and history.

In terms of themes reflected on, and messaging grasped, what are you hoping that your audience can take away from this track?

“SuperHero” emulates how special these types of creative geniuses truly are and how they seem to be touched by something out of the ordinary. As the lyric says, it’s like they’ve been created from “pure stardust and come from the mighty…” But how either through upbringing, human experience, or circumstance, they lose their way, which can manifest itself in depression, drug addiction, and even as we’ve so sadly seen suicide. The song reflects on how the entire world can truly love these people, and how they become “heroes” for so many, but all the while they’ve possibly lost love for themselves. It asks how come everyone else around them can see this person is a “SuperHero,” but he himself can’t see at all how valuable and truly amazing he really is. But with the culmination of how tremendous their impact is, mixed with their enormous amount of natural talent, it’s almost as if their stories are their destiny; as the lyric says, “Destined to his fate.” The song taps into the deep adoration a fan can feel towards their musical heroes, even when their hero may be damaged, struggling, or imperfect; but we still love them anyway.

Do you find that writing in this style comes easy to you?

Yes. I sort of just step out of the way and let the universe do the creating.

What came first for this specific record; the melody or the lyrics?

The melody came first, but the word SuperHero came right away immediately sparking me to know that this song would be for Chris Cornell, my biggest musical and vocal influence. When I had heard that he had committed suicide, all I could think was that he clearly has no idea that he’s a “SuperHero” to everyone else but himself.

Who are Superheroes that you look up to in your day-to-day life?

It’s interesting that now that the song is written and recorded, we see superheroes everywhere and use the term for people as it dawns on us. We definitely see it in our music community in fellow musicians, music producers, show producers, and the like, who are on their musical “crusade” at all costs out of pure love for the craft, while truly working to have an impact and positive influence on music fans. We can also see it in influential speakers, writers, thinkers like Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Bill Gates, and even in sports figures like Lebron James or the current Olympians, who all move, impact and inspire the masses at a very high level, but all hopefully with much less tragic endings.

What's next for you?

ROCKET will follow up the release of the single “SuperHero” with a new animated music video sometime in September, and already have another single ready to drop sometime in October/November. We have new releases slated all the way into the Fall of 2022, so lots of new music! We’re so happy to be back together in each other’s presence from being apart for the last 16 months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, so we’ll spend the rest of 2021 getting our new stage show up and running, and preparing for live shows again in 2022. We can’t wait! We’re ready to kiss the stage.

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