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Rodney Cox Jr Shows That Home Is Where The Heart Is In, “Going Home”

Rodney Cox Jr sings surrounded by the lights and stars of LA, but a part of his heart is still in Louisville, Kentucky. Now he expresses his longing for his home and loved ones in “Going Home.”

Rodney Cox Jr was aiming for the film industry when he started writing stories that became songs, showing his creative skills and intimate relationship with the arts. He is covered by the love of his family and friends no matter where he goes and can put that joy in a story and music anyone can relate to and uplift their spirits as they listen to it.

In his very first single, “Going Home,” Rodney Cox Jr blends the sounds of country and pop, taking the best from both the West Coast and the South to create a feel-good ambiance that starts as soon as you press the play button and stays with us much after the song ends.

The initial roaring guitar places us by the highway, starting the engines to start the head back home. Rodney Cox Jr’s cheerful voice and the upbeat track make you feel only good vibes as he sings that money is not worth the time you spend far from your loved ones or in a place that you simply don’t like.

“Going Home” is like a promise of that blissful moment when you finally get home, and they are waiting for you with a big hug. Listening to “Going Home” feels nostalgic and uplifting at the same time. It is the song you want to play when you are out there, far from home, working for your dreams but always with the warm memories of home in your heart.

Hey, don’t give me that long face. Turn up the volume, play “Going Home,” and smile. Your home is with you.

What was the most exciting moment of making "Going Home?"

Had to be the recording process. I was just anxious to make something great with extraordinary musicians.

How much was the selection of genres a reflection of your hometown and LA?

I wasn't thinking of the genre when creating. I just wanted something that sounded good to me, and people didn't mind dancing to it when they heard it. But it definitely has a country twang to it, so it's fair to say Kentucky is represented for sure.

Who would you say you wrote "Going Home" for?

I wrote it for anyone who has been at work, school, a party, or anywhere else they feel like they want to get away from. I feel like everyone wants to get away and to their safe space every now and then.

What do you miss the most when you are far from home?

Family, more than anything. They're my foundation. Truly I wouldn't be able to create without them.

What's next for you?

Possibly a music video for Going Home. Maybe the release of another track. I'm still on the fence.


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