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Rodney Eldridge Releases the Pressure in Debut Single, "The Weight"

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Rodney Eldridge discovered and fostered his artistic and musical talent throughout his schooling by establishing himself as a film and TV producer after attempting college.

Stating that, ‘Underneath it all, there was always this undercurrent that I was supposed to be doing something different; that this really wasn’t my life.’ The more he tried to avoid it, the more turbulence he experienced in his world – until one day, it all crashed and burned. The result is an emotional journey from a burgeoning young songwriter in the shape of his debut single, “The Weight.”

Serenading your speakers in heartfelt timbres that reflect on the personal experiences of Rodney Eldridge, “The Weight,” pulls you in with its triumphant relatability and welcoming embrace. The minimalist essence of the rhythmic guitar riffs that sustain through this composition offers up a specific warmth that wraps you in the resonance you’re profusely taking in.

Lyrical motifs such as ‘Oh the pressure on my bones, feel like they’re about to break. I’ll never be sure if I can't find my way. Oh to dear to dream again,’ grace your mind in a way that evokes emotion and has you pondering on your own recollections that life has left you with.

“The Weight,” hones in on the hardships that Rodney Eldridge went through during a difficult period of time in his life. However, the ultimate motive of the song is not to have you basking in sympathy for his journey, but rather to inspire those out there who may be going through a difficult period of time themselves.

Taking us through a narrative that is deep and profound, the end result is the empowering essence we’re left with as “The Weight,” instills a sense of brighter days ahead, all while having you wanting to know more about the individual behind the music.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single “The Weight.” For this being your introduction to the music scene, we grasp such a mature sense of vulnerability that you share with your audience. What inspired you to create this song and bear the emotion that you have throughout it?

The simple answer - to both parts of your question? Life. I was actually just thinking about this the other day. I’ve been in a few bands and put out a lot of good music. But this song, and the others that I wrote in the same time period that will be on my soon-to-be-released EP, feel different. I feel so much more connected to them. I think it’s because these songs are very raw and vulnerable. I wrote them in a period when I blew up my life as I knew it. I was questioning the faith I’d grown up with, ending my marriage, and at one point, found myself moving back in with my parents. It felt like everything was falling apart, but at the same time, I knew I was becoming more of who I was meant to be. All of that led to some pretty big self-realizations. As a writer, I find it hard to keep the emotions I’m going through from finding their way out in my lyrics and melodies. That is definitely what happened in these songs, but that writing was its own reward. I found myself being more open than I’d ever been before, and that comes through. It is genuine and I hope that will resonate with people and allow them to connect with the songs.

Could you please shine a light on what the creative and recording process looked like when bringing this song to life?

As I mentioned, I’ve been in a few bands before. I also have worked in film as a producer. So those two things have allowed me to develop a really incredible network. I knew I wanted the production of these songs to match the raw emotion. I hit up my buddy Aaron Robertson to produce it. We have written and worked together for a few years now, mainly writing songs for commercials or other outlets. But I knew he was the right person for this EP. Because he knows me so well, working with him on this project was an incredibly seamless experience. I sent him a demo I had recorded and he took my vision and brought it to life. We recorded it in Aaron’s home studio. The process was quite simple and very organic. He knew when to give me space when a lyric hit me harder than I was expecting. He also knew when to challenge me and pull out the best I could possibly do.

Did you happen to have a favorite moment through the release process that has shaped your outlook on your craft?

This is actually the first time I’ve ever really had an official release – and it’s been incredible. On release day I went out with a few friends and turned my phone off. People who know me well I will tell you that this was a hard task for me – my phone is my lifeline to everything and I’m constantly connecting with people. But I wanted to take a moment to bask in the personal victory. This song wasn’t easy to release – every time I hear it, it hits a nerve. On that day, I wanted to create a safe space for myself that allowed me to live in the victory of telling my story. I had a blast, no worries or cares, just pure joy, and freedom. As the song says, I truly feel “more empowered than I ever was.” And of course, I don’t think you ever stop learning in life, so I’m continually changing my perspective on what makes for great music. And things I learn during this process will absolutely influence what happens for the next one, and the one after that...

From the creation process to this present moment, how have you grown as an artist and individual?

If I tried, I am sure I could write a book on this topic. This song came very easy to me, really it was almost effortless. This song was ready to be born. I see my own personal growth in it. But the song is really only the midpoint. There’s everything that happened in my life that led up to it, then there’s the song itself, and now there’s how people connect with it and how my own experiences moving forward will change my perspective of this moment and the feelings that fueled this song. I’m sure that over time, the emotions that I feel when I play “The Weight” will turn into something different. Do you know how water wears down a stone? I think the time has a way of softening the edges of everything. Realizing that, I think, is a kind of artistic growth that makes me want to write even more to capture all the poignant moments happening around me.

What's next for you?

Well, my EP will be released a little later this summer. Touring, of course. I’m so excited to see venues opening up and so ready to get back out there and connect with people face-to-face. I’m a huge people person – so these last 14 or 15 months have NOT been easy on me! And you can bet that there will be more writing. I just moved to Nashville about six months ago and I’m already loving the number of co-writing sessions I’ve been invited to join. I feel like I’m just getting started and I’m so stoked for the journey ahead. Hope I’ll see everyone out there.

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