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Rohas Expresses Adulthood Pain With His Recent Single, "Working on My Birthday"

Hailing from Bakersfield, California, the captivating pop artist and singer-songwriter Rohas drops a charismatic and emotional single with his latest release, "Working on My Birthday."

Known for his upbeat and meaningful musical works, Rohas continues to push through the music industry with incredible confidence and an inviting sound. The LGBTQIA singer-songwriter strives to make music that tells a conceptual and honest story, hoping to connect with his audience.

Diving into his recent single, "Working on My Birthday," Rohas gives us a light-hearted and playful vibe through the poppy sonic arrangement while bringing us into an emotional and relatable storyline through his lyricism. Describing the feeling of getting older and watching your life change drastically, Rohas has crafted this single with nothing but heart.

"Working on My Birthday" begins with snappy synths, mid-tempo drum patterns, bright acoustic strums, and Rohas' lush vocal stylings. While the sonic atmosphere begins to swell with added synths and range, Rohas drops into the song's hook and sings his distaste for growing older and how he would often romanticize the future instead of living in the moment.

We love the playful and charismatic feel that Rohas delivers through his charming vocal portrayal, as he sings quite an emotional message while performing with incredible energy and life. Reaching the end of this single, Rohas has perfectly crafted this piece to get us thinking, but not too much, as the bright sonic atmosphere keeps us grooving away.

Experience the spirited sounds of Rohas through his fifth studio single, "Working on My Birthday," and reminisce on simpler times with help from his thorough and emotional lyricism.

Listen to "Working on My Birthday," here.

Could you take us back to the moment you knew you had to create a song like "Working on My Birthday" that expresses your distaste for adulthood?

The day was April.29th, 2020. I was on a lunch break at my second job. I was sitting in my car with my seat laid back just thinking about the fact I was not only turning another year older but how I would also no longer be in my “early 20’s” anymore (I turned 26). That’s when I knew it was probably an emotion we all felt around the same age and I just had to write about it.

Was it hard to write lyrics about the harsh reality of growing older for your single "Working on My Birthday"? How did you write your lyrics so that listeners everywhere can relate?

Honestly writing contemplative and sad lyrics is kind of my bread and butter so it all felt pretty natural to me. As for getting it all written out in a way everyone could relate to, it may sound cheesy, but I just wrote from my heart. I spilled my guts on the page in hope that somebody somewhere could use the song to cope.

Why did you want to capture a bright and lush sonic atmosphere within your single "Working on My Birthday," rather than a more melancholy and reflective feel?

Something about the contradiction of the happy music with the sad lyrics makes it a little less...dark? Haha. I definitely wanted the tone of this song to FEEL like an upper but really it’s actually kinda sad.

Could you tell us more about your music and your artistic brand? How can we get to know you more personally through your musical releases?

I consider myself to be a “concept artist”. So every larger project has a running theme with characters and normally a storyline. I’m a songwriter first and as a member of the LGBTQ community I definitely want to represent my people, which you can definitely hear in some of my discography in songs like “Damn”. I love to help people connect and make them think with tracks like “R U Listening”. My friend and producer Jeff Ryon told me I have a tendency to write what he calls “happy-sad songs” and I think I like making music like that because the “happy” get people into the song and the “sad bits” keep them hooked.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Life. Every day I’m alive in the human experience I discover something new about how I work or how the world works or even how other people work and I want to take all of it and convert it into wisdom through song. Sometimes It’s just for fun though.



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