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RollCreditzz is "Gettin' money" and He Wants Everyone to Know It

New York-native RollCreditzz spends his days in the great Sin City to explore his creative depths as a music artist. As a pure lyricist, RollCreditzz always puts the focus of his songs on the words themselves. Experiencing a multitude of tribulations and successes, RollCreditzz is all about sharing his wisdom and mindset with listeners in order to elevate and inspire. The latest project he released, titled "Gettin' money," was supposed to be a reflection of RollCreditzz and his goals, which got potently relayed.

There's an electric element to "Gettin' money," the all-out, confidence-giving track that RollCreditzz thoroughly enjoyed creating. The "Gettin' money" production was crafted with expertise, although the bulk of the beat remains the same for the duration of the track. No production surprises in "Gettin' money," which really lets the simplicity set in and allows all attention to be on what RollCreditzz has to say.

If you haven't already guessed the narrative from the title, it's time to reflect on why RollCreditzz named his song the way he did. Yes, his main focus is absolutely on the fact he's getting money, and the pure ferocity behind his delivery brings a riveting component to the track. There's a characteristic strong and confident energy that surged from RollCreditzz and made him stand out more than ever before. Overall, we'd say the true main takeaway from "Gettin' money" is the fact that RollCreditzz is busy getting his money, and he'll keep being busy getting his money-- it's really as simple as that.

"Gettin' money" can be streamed on digital music platforms.

Thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic RollCreditzz, and congratulations on debuting your song, "Gettin' money." How does it feel to have the track officially released on digital streaming platforms? Aye thanks for having me. To be honest, it feels good, I really enjoyed making this record so finally having it released is dope. Is there a certain strategy you maintained while writing and recording "Gettin' money?" My strategy while writing and recording this record was to make something everybody can relate to. There are different ways of "Gettin’ Money" so I wanted to make sure I had something in there for everybody with any type of hustle, grind, or job. Before I write anything I listen to the best until I start to hear words. Once that happens I start writing.

How would you say "Gettin' money" allows your audience to understand you in a more thorough way? It allows them to understand that I can relate to all different kinds of people. White, Black, Asian, etc it doesn’t matter, every day you wake up you’re trying to get money so I feel everyone can relate to that. How do you feel that "Gettin' money" compares to other tracks you've released in the past? Do you see yourself growing as an artist when comparing the music you first started releasing to the music you're releasing now? "Gettin’ Money" is the best song I’ve released so far. For other songs, I released, I recorded them and mixed them myself. My latest release was done in the studio (Shout out to Cave Rec Studios) so the quality is A1. Every day I grow as an artist. I go back and listen to everything I do, critique myself and then make the necessary adjustments. You have to be able to identify your weak points and improve them.

What's next for you?

A lot! I have two more releases slated for this year one is called “FAITH” and the other is “I’m On Him”. Photoshoots coming up this month and more Spotify placements so make sure y’all lookout for that. Aside from that writing and record new music so I can keep applying pressure.

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Thomas Holliday
Thomas Holliday
Jul 02, 2022

Hell yea! Staying busy and Getting Money! Bro is the truth. Not stopping till the world knows!

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