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Rome Logan Hits “100 Degrees”

Rome Logan, the musical maestro born in Peoria, Illinois, has quickly become a supernova in the R&B universe. This triple-threat singer, songwriter, and producer are lighting up the scene, with Atlanta, Georgia, serving as his launchpad. With each rhythmic beat and soulful lyric, Rome masterfully crafts an auditory experience that is nothing short of transformative.

Prepare for a sonic journey with Rome's latest sensation, "100 Degrees." This tune cleverly merges R&B and rap, creating a tantalizing cocktail of smooth, sensual beats that echo the nostalgic charm of '90s R&B. If Usher's melodious tunes and the iconic rhythm of that era had a lovechild, it would undoubtedly be "100 Degrees." The chorus, as smooth as silk, whispers, "Girl, you different when you're getting it from me, girl your fam and your friends don't disagree," setting the stage for a performance that exudes confidence and charisma.

As you delve deeper into the song, Rome's lyrical genius truly shines. His words dance around the melody, vividly depicting a G ’d-up love story. He's not just any guy; he's "that guy," ready to change a girl's life with his charisma and charm, all wrapped up in a rhythmic bow of enchanting beats.

"100 Degrees" is not just a song; it's an experience that grips you from the first note and doesn't let go. It's like a novel you can't put down, a show you can't stop bingeing. Each listens unveils a new layer, a fresh perspective, making you fall in love with the track again.

Ultimately, Rome Logan's "100 Degrees" is a love letter to R&B and rap, masterfully penned and beautifully delivered. The song is a testament to Rome's growth as an artist and his unyielding passion for music. So, mark your calendars for May 19th, 2023, because the "100 Degrees" heatwave is set to sweep the nation. Prepare to be swept off your feet!

Kick back with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic RomeLogan! Big cheers on your latest drop with "100 Degrees," which paints a vivid picture of a timeless classic kinda romance. Can you share any real-life experiences or inspirations that fueled the lyrics of this song?

Thanks, it's a pleasure to be here. Around the time leading up to the 100 Degrees session, I kept hearing all these songs about dysfunctional relationships & wasn't seeing a lot of balance. Hence, it felt like the perfect time to share a slightly different perspective.

The fusion of R&B and rap in "100 Degrees" creates a unique sound, evoking a sense of nostalgia for '90s R&B. How did you navigate blending these genres to create this distinct vibe?

For starters, 90s R&B was my whole childhood, so that helps. When we were in the studio, the production started out very r&b, I had keys, electric guitar, bass guitar and everything, but at a certain point, I was like, "Hold up, I wanna pop my sh*t on this one." It needed that bounce & attitude you can only get from trap drums. 808s & electric bass at the same time are slick and crazy, but it works.

The chorus in "100 Degrees," "Girl, you different when you're getting it from me, girl your fam and your friends don't disagree," is the catchy intro. Can you talk about your process for creating such raw and bold lyrics?

I freestyled a lot of it. It's easy for me to speak my mind & how I feel when I go off the top. Also, I'm not into being super flashy right now, so when I come with this cocky type of energy, it's gotta be about something deeper than money & sex. I'm low-key representing people who feel it's a flex to add lasting value to someone's life.

"100 Degrees" present’s you as THEE guy who can change a girl's life in a second. How does this persona reflect, or differ from, your own personality and experiences in relationships?

It's me. Personal development is a big part of my lifestyle. Meditation, journaling, & cold showers are all part of my daily routine, plus I'm always picking up these random life hacks, so it's almost impossible to hang around me & not learn something useful. You tend to pick up habits from your significant other. It's human nature, & I've adopted a few healthy ones that changed my life.

With the forthcoming release of "100 Degrees" and the positive buzz it's sure to create, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career? Can we expect more songs with a similar vibe, or do you plan to explore new territories in your sound?

Honestly, both. I've got so many songs sitting in the vault it's almost impossible to choose. Some live in the same world as 100 Degrees & some are in a different universe. It's wild. In a perfect world, fans could make these decisions right after the songs are recorded. We're working to open the vault to my closest supporters on future releases. I think that will be a lot of fun.


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