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Ron Maiga Releases Authentic And Genuine Ballad Called “Remember Me”

Ron Maiga is a Swedish singer and songwriter who delivers the most powerful and compelling single titled “Remember Me”. His debut record that he sings in both English and French, proving that Ron is a diversified artist with a transcendental appeal. “Remember Me” fuses together elements of soft rock with soulful music. It’s all around beautiful from the gorgeous electric guitar to the absolutely hypnotizing vocals from Ron. “Remember Me” isn’t necessarily a sad song, but feels more like a song surrounding the idea of reflection and reminiscence. The beginning of “Remember Me” begins with “I apologize for what I have done” setting the tone of the song to be more dismal and gloomy based off the apologetic and sincere lyricism. The honesty portrayed in “Remember Me” is just a reflection of the authenticity Ron projects when he sings. It’s a beautiful and refreshing attribute to an artist is to view how they’re able to authentically give a genuine musical work of art. Ron Maiga completely succeeded past expectations with “Remember Me” and we’re pretty sure it will translate well across those who appreciates the integrity and probity behind an artist music.

Take a listen to Ron's "Remember Me" now on Spotify, and be sure to read the artist's exclusive interview below!

Ron do you mind giving us a short little summary about your upbringing and what encouraged you to begin singing?

Hi, first, I d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I was born and raised in the West african country of Mauritania in a family of 13 children. There has Always been a tradition of Music. My older Brothers played guitar, sang etc. I have some nephews who are known on the african hip-hop scene.

I moved to Sweden in the mid 90th, started a new Life. I carried on with my Music, kept writing songs, started a band called ”Beautiful Anne”, performed live several times but there has Always been something missing: the right touch, serious people to work with, great musicians!

Music has Always played an important part in my Life even though being a father takes the biggest part of it. The Children are growing now and time is much more generous to me

You sang “Remember me” in both English and French - very talented! Are you fluent in any other languages?

I am fluent in French, English, Swedish, Arabic, Spanish and some African languages such as Wolof (if you know Youssou Ndour, he sings in Wolof). I actually am a frequent member of Smule (, where I have sang a multitude of Hindi songs, hahaha, people (mostly indians, but other asian people) always get surprised when they look at the color of my skin and the words that are coming out. I use to tell them that Music has no borders.

What is the meaning behind “Remember Me” and what inspired you to write it?

”Remember Me”, is a song about making peace with one´s self. It is about relationships that did not make it to the final round but also the gift of remembering the sad but mostly the happy moments.

Would you call “Remember Me” a sad song or something more subtle?

I d call it both, the sad part is longing for what ”we” had, the good and bad times and the panic and anger separations can cause. The deeper part is that, every relation in the past has forged us, it leaves a indelible print weither we like it or not and the song wants us to embrace those mixed feelings rather than push them under the rug. ”Remember Me”, says ”thank you” to the old relations for making me the better person that I have become

What’s next for you?

Alejandro Guillen Thomas, Rickard Rådmark who are my musicians and producers, and I are working hard on marketing ”Remember Me” but it won t be the last thing you'll hear from me, us! Stay tuned, hahahaha!


Connect with Ron Maiga via the artists Instagram to learn more about the artist, and to keep updated with upcoming song releases!


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