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Rora Wilde Holds Onto Something Special in “DLM”

Los Angeles-based pop/r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Rora Wilde doesn't want to say goodbye to authentic love in her latest single, "DLM."

Rora Wilde initially hails from the Rio Grande Valley but later took her moody pop/r&b sounds to Austin. Having rocked residencies like C3 at the Scoot Inn while taking the downtown scene by storm, Wilde has since settled in LA with performances at The Mint, SoFarSounds, and Hunnypot Live.

Now, the LA-based self-taught musician holds onto what she knows and loves with her new bop, "DLM." Standing for "Don't let me" let you go, Wilde serenades us in her introspective and refreshing stylings that wrap the listener with love and emotion. She brings an authentic and genuine feel to this new single that's hard to come by in the modern pop scene.

Diving into the new tune, "DLM," we drift into sonic bliss with warm acoustic guitars and Rora Wilde's lush vocals. As the steady r&b beat rolls in, Wilde hops on board and expands on the feeling she gets when in someone's sweet presence. But there's something in the way.

As she grooves over to the hook, Rora Wilde bounces through lyrics like "Don't let me let you go," referencing how someone needs to decide if they're in or out. Wilde brings a ton of energy and passion to her lyrics, and we're definitely here for the ride. All in all, the song keeps our heads bopping with soothing production and Wilde's harmonious vocal layers that feel like a fresh blanket out of the dryer.

Don't let go of Rora Wilde's passionate new single, "DLM," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rora Wilde. What a gripping listening experience you've delivered in your new single, "DLM." What sort of relationship experiences inspired this track?

Hi, thank you sm! I so very often overthink with my heart. It's rare that I fall for someone, but when I do, it's like quicksand and I love the way it makes me feel.

Who helped create the groovy production for "DLM?" Do your songs usually capture these upbeat r&b vibes?

Yes, Bill Lefler and John Clinebell did production on "DLM," they're so very talented and really get me as an artist on a sonic level. my new sound since my last album is very much in this vein of pop r&b. it's all so sparkly and sounds like the inside of my heart!

Did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind when creating "DLM?" Whose sound or music inspires you?

I really wanted this song to sound like me so I was very candid and honest with my lyrics in a way I haven't been before. im very inspired by SZA's sound and Amy Winehouse's live approach and candor.

Did you want to give listeners a sense of empowerment and confidence when listening to "DLM?" What did you want them to experience?

I want people to hear "DLM" and feel hopelessly in love with someone. with no shame or nonchalant nature. to feel in love and feel sexy about it.

What's next for you?

The visual for "DLM" actually! the visual premieres on June 3rd on youtube. I also have a show on May 30th with my 5 piece band at the mint LA. "DLM" is actually their favorite song in the set so, you should come!


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