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Rossyè Lamont Rises Above His Environment In “Toxic Love”

Sometimes, even a rose can grow in the concrete jungle.

With his instantly recognizable voice and sharp, biting lyricism, Chicago’s Rossyè Lamont has long seemed destined for bigger things.

Drawing inspiration from his experiences growing up in Chicago and life around him, his gritty yet relatable releases have struck a chord with audiences, turning even the biggest skeptics into fans. With an undeniable musical talent, a tireless work ethic, and determination to see his dreams through, there’s only a matter of time until this talented artist breaks through to the next level.

To some extent, Rossyè Lamont always knew music would play a massive part in his life. Having started making beats for his late best friend Ace Mack when he was 12, Rossyè Lamont’s talent for rapping, songwriting, and engineering has held him in good stead. He can craft releases front to back, refusing to compromise on his artistic vision and ensuring every release meets his (admittedly high) standards. Despite his harsh surroundings, he uses his platform to empower others, lifting those in impoverished communities rather than tearing them down.

Rossyè Lamont’s latest release, “Toxic Love,” shows what’s possible when an elite lyrical talent raps over a perfectly matched beat. Crisp snares and bass set the foundation for an amped-up release, and as Rossyè Lamont spits lines like “Can’t have a conversation witcha ain’t bout paper dawg (dawg) / everybody want success don’t know da shit involved (hell na)” both his charisma and drive to succeed are palpable. Referencing the tough beginnings he had to weather to get to this point, Rossyè Lamont deservedly enjoys the fruits of his hard work, taking us on a hell of a ride.

Rossyè Lamont’s “Toxic Love” is an explosive and defiant celebration of overcoming one’s circumstances with hard work, hustle, and heart. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Rossyè Lamont’s new release, “Toxic Love”, available now on all majour streaming platforms.


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