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Roxanne Luciano Turns Heads With Her Blinging Debut Single, "Rich Rich"

From Atlanta to Los Angeles, the Hip-Hop artist, rapper, and model Roxanne Luciano serves us luxury on a silver platter with a striking debut single, "Rich Rich."

Growing up in a family of entertainers gave Roxanne Luciano a significant advantage to her peeking music career. With Tony Mercedes being a driving force behind her music, it would be an understatement to say that Roxanne Luciano is going places.

Dropping a sweltering debut single and music video titled "Rich Rich," we're soaking in the sweetness of Roxanne Luciano's poised performance and playful delivery as she flaunts her success while keeping us enthralled by her natural mystique. Giving us the power and authority of dominant female hip-hop artists, we're more than excited to give our readers a glimpse of the rising phenomenon of Roxanne Luciano.

With the Caribbean fused hip-hop anthem, "Rich Rich," the track opens with a plucky string sample that sets the heated and sweltering atmosphere, gearing up for Roxanne Luciano's lively performance. As she drops her sultry bars over the intro, we feel a similar flair to Jhene Aiko's vocals merged with a City Girls' attitude. Roxanne Luciano offers astonishing versatility with her fiery bars and divine vocals on the hook, giving us everything we need and more.

Taking a look at her music video for "Rich Rich," there's one recurring theme, being Roxanne Luciano's eye-candy bling and outfit changes that serve nothing but looks. While performing with vast charisma and confidence, we can also tell that Roxanne Luciano is quite the look queen, as she continually comes through with a conceptual and cohesive outfit that pulls the eye.

Get to know the fiery stylings of Roxanne Luciano before her name hits the lights, primarily through her gripping, sultry, and empowering debut single "Rich Rich," and an equally stimulating music video.

Hello Roxanne, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're head over heels for your debut single, "Rich Rich." Why did you want this track to open your music career and introduce us to your sound?

I really wanted to do Rich Rich for my introduction because it's such a fun song. It speaks volumes of women in power and letting go of worrying about what society will think. Being Rich in wealth, health, spirit, etc.

Seeing as Tony Mercedes plays a significant role in your music career, did he help with the production of your single "Rich Rich?" What was that collaborative experience like?

Tony Mercedes helps me with everything to be honest and I wouldn't want it any other way. He's a legend and I am learning every single day from him.

We can't get enough of your powerful music video for your single, "Rich Rich." What was your shooting process like? Did you have a team to help you out?

Thank you!! The shooting process was awesome. We shot half of the video in Atlanta and the other half was shot in LA. Yes, there was a production team on both ends helping me with this project.

Could you tell us more about your brand and who you are? How do you make time for your music career and your other endeavors?

I am Roxanne. I am not just a rapper, I am an artist. I'd like to think of myself as a Jack of all trades. I'm raw & Rebellious and I'm looking forward to you learning more about me! As far as making time, I am always keeping busy with music & school, and to be honest, I'm still trying to organize it all but being in a pandemic kind of allows you to have more room to make time for things.

What can we expect to see next from you?

You can expect to see a lot of awesomeness! I'm definitely working hard. I just dropped a new single "Whole Lotta Cash" that is streaming.



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