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RoxEva Speaks With The Divine In A Celestial New Track, “88”

Los Angeles-based poet, singer-songwriter, and galactic producer RoxEva bring us into the cosmos with her latest gripping single, "88."

You can catch RoxEva hanging around the sea in Los Angeles, writing her poems and transforming them into songs and lyrics. She's on a mission to reach out and connect with the human race while reminding listeners to speak their truth, live unapologetically, and stay galactic.

When listening to RoxEva's explorative tunes, one thing's for sure; she'll slap your speakers with wicked beats. Her diverse production and gripping lyrism are best experienced in her latest single, "88," a haunting and slightly melancholy listening experience that examines RoxEva's spiritual journey, conversations with the divine, and internal thoughts. It's quite a stimulating experience; be sure to buckle up.

Diving deeper into the heated new single, "88," this adventurous tune kicks off with dreamy yet mysterious electric guitar picking that slowly leaps into the haunting first verse. RoxEva laters spits her poetic lyrics with such allure and confidence, reminding us that "88" is the lion's portal and how she's no stranger to communicating with divine sources.

This deeply engaging tune walks the line between this realm and the next, and there's no denying that RoxEva is spiritually in-tune with that side of life. She makes that known through her expressive and conceptual lyrics that make the listener think twice about their perception of reality. All while she haunts our speakers, a dark and heavy electronic beat sends us to the outro without a dull moment.

When you're feeling down and out, remind yourself of your inner power with RoxEva's high-vibrational and expressive new single, "88," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RoxEva. We love the unique and celestial vibe of your latest single, "88." What themes or experiences inspired you to create this personal and spiritual song?

"88" is based on my own personal experiences, being divinely guided to pull myself out of the darkness and see the world in a whole new way. As I continue on my journey in life, "88" has deeper and more powerful meanings.

What was your experience crafting the production and creating the sonics for "88?" What sort of vibe and sound did you want to give the song?

I wanted it to sound galactic, wicked, and healing at the same time. The experience was nerve-racking yet so satisfying, being able to describe the feeling on the perfect beat produced by Kashiz King.

On a broader note, how would you describe your sound as an artist? Do you have any artist influences that have helped shape your sound and style?

I Would describe my sound as galactic. I am inspired by all music, artists, musicians, etc. I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Wu-tang, and Jewel and still listen to their music to this day.

If listeners could take anything away from your thoughtful lyrics in "88," what would you want that to be?

To not fear the unknown.

What's next for you?

Keep on making music to heal, relate, and empower

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